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Friday, September 3, 2010

VSG surgery Footballs and turkey

??? Weight is pretty much the same. Nothing to see here, people.

 I'm not one who necessarily thinks that they are smarter than everyone, but when somebody tells me something that is clearly bullshit, I call it for what it is, medical "professional" or not. I was told that I could never drink a soda because it would swell my stomach up to the size of a football. Really? You should see my face right now. Unless I happen to be some freak with a malfunctioning esophageal sphincter that slams down and welds itself shut, I'll just burp. That's it. It may be a little uncomfortable, but unless they've started packaging 12 packs with free bicycle pumps or better yet, air compressors, its just not gonna happen.

 I bought these turkey breast medallions over at Costco and they are pretty good. On days when I don't really feel like getting up off my bum these are a really quick and tasty lunch solution. They're surprisingly tender and well seasoned.  It's like a Thanksgiving party in your mouth minus the indigestion, drunk uncle, and that weird green jello dessert. So if you're looking for a quick protein fix go to Costco and cop a few bags.


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