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Thursday, September 23, 2010

VSG surgery Frogs and meds

??? pretty much the same as it was yesterday

My acid reflux is nonexistent now that I'm taking everything like I'm supposed to! Woohoo! I'm happy that I'm feeling better, but I know me, and once I start feeling better I'll get all sporadic with my med taking. I am officially giving all of you permission to check me about taking my meds any time of the day no matter what time zone you're in ( hey you Aussies.) In fact, even if I've said I'm about to take it often times I don't take it right then. My ADD ass will go into the kitchen with every intention of taking them, but then I'll realize that my basil plant needs water or something like that, and then The Kid will start yelling about something, or the phone will ring, or I'll look down at my toes and realize that they need polish, and then that will make me think about shoes, which somehow will make me think about cake ( cause everything in life leads to cake), and then I'll leave the kitchen and sit back down on the computer and the cycle will start again. Whew that was a mouthful. So while I said that I was about to take my meds and I really, truly, honest to God wasn't lying when I said it, CHECK ME ABOUT IT! If I die because Sleevie Wonder, pissed b/c I didn't take my meds, climbs up out of my esophagus and chokes the life out of me, I'm coming to haunt all of you.

The Kid's train table is right by the sliding door to the patio and while enthusiastically reenacting scenes from his favorite Thomas "ddd's", he knocked down the curtain.
TK- Oh no, mommy!!! I knock it!
WW- cleaning the kitchen I'll fix it later.
TK- Oh no, mommy!! The FWOG!!!!
WW- Yeah, you saw frogs at Grandy and Papa's house
TK-Oh no, mommy! The FWOG is inna na'ty water!

I walked over to the sliding glass door, and sure enough we have an amphibian floating around in a mop bucket. I have NO idea how long that frog has been in there. I like my house but I hate my back patio
It has a corrugated tin roof which acts more like a water funnel than a barrier and it has disgusting carpet on it ( who does that?) and its only getting disgustinger by the minute. So I avoid looking out of my back door. Period. Poor frog is suffering because of the previous owners, "upgrades" Anyway, I'd just kick the bucket over, but it looks like there might be tadpoles in there. Hmmmmmmm. Well, if any of you want to adopt a frog come get it. Just know that it will be necessary to be searched and patted down for any recording devices b/c you will not be posting pictures of my raggedy ass patio on FB.


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