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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

VSG surgery meltingmama and fisticuffs

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I was tired of the old layout and because we're entering Autumn I selected this purdy color palette. I moved a few things around, so if they don't work, leave me a comment and let me know.

Meltingmama and I had a fight last my dream.

The dream started with me in MM's living room, and although it wasn't explicitly stated, I knew that I was there so that I could talk to her about my blog. I was standing there in this big octagonal room and and she came out of her bedroom clearly annoyed with me and rolled her eyes-HARD. I'm not sure if anything else was said, but she looked at me and said very snootily, " Vacuum my house," then turned her back and walked off. The shock of that statement cemented me in my tracks for a few second, but then I was after her like a lion on a gazelle. I sprinted after her, jumped on her back and tackled her to the ground while yelling at her, " NO! YOU need to read my blog!" We were a rolling cloud of scribbles and dust just like in the cartoons.
it looked just like this!

After fighting like rabid badgers for what seemed like forever, I bested my formidable prey and made her go back into the room and get her laptop. She came back in a huff, glared at me, and then threw the laptop at me!! OMG!!! The fight was back on A-GAIN!! After a whirlwind of fists, feet, forks, fangs, "f*ck you's", and free-for-all ferocity, I pinned her to the ground with me knee and told, " Look, I'm not vacuuming your floor. You're gonna read my blog."  And that was the dream. I'm still not really sure if she read it or not. Lol.



  1. Who is Melting Mama? Another blogger?

  2. O M G. This would make SO much sense if we had a history. You know?

  3. this is funny. I knew that some bloggers were cut throat, but this takes the cake.

  4. Very pretty, I like what you've done with the place


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