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Monday, September 20, 2010

VSG surgery PPS and restriction

??8.6 I think

 My weight is up an obscene amount from last week. I know that there is NO was possible that I ate enough of anything for these to be real lbs. I'm chalking most of this up to PPS-Phantom Pound Syndrome. I don't feel any bigger and in fact I actually think that I look smaller. I've been losing really well these last few weeks so if I can get back to where I was by this time next week, I'll be ok with it.

I had a TON of restriction this weekend and I was barely able to eat anything. On Saturday, I went to a killer homestyle restaurant. I'm telling you that the food there is slap ya mama, ya grandmama, and ya grandmama's grandmama good. MMMM mmmm mmmmm. I ordered the rib basket and the meat was tender, well seasoned, and didn't even need the sauce. I was only able to get in one and a half ribs, and none of the sides. UGH!! Most days I'm ok with the amount of food that I can eat, but that day was not one of them. To top it off, the greedy vultures at the house spied me styrofoam box, ate my leftovers, and left nothing there but the picked clean bones *shaking my head*

Yesterday my mom made a brisket that was supernaturally good. I've heard of people "putting their feet in it" but I really think that she put her whole damn leg in that brisket. Past the ankle, the shin, the patella, and square up to her hamstring booty/thigh junction. Like the day before, Sleevie decided that he wanted to be contrary and cross and allowed but a few bites of that beefy deliciousness to pass my lips. *sigh* I know that it is part and parcel of the whole VSG and the weight loss process and right now I can tell you with all honesty that I would do it again in a heartbeat, but sometimes I just have those days.



  1. Some days i just need to read you and get a giggle, today was one of those days :) Thanks as always


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