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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

VSG surgery Split pea soup and NWB

??2.8 I think. I'm at 101 something for total weight loss. Lowest weight to date.

So, I think I've finally had enough of the acid and my non-compliant ass is really on track with my meds. Its been bad, but how in the hell can I accurately gauge whether or not the meds work as indicated if I only take them every other day or even more infrequently than that. This is the third day that I've taken them like I am supposed to be taking them so I'm happy that I'm getting back into the groove.

I am also happy to announce that I have a new workout buddy who lives only about 15 minutes from the house (jt, you and the missus can stay put......for now) and I am super crunk about it!!! She also happens to be a fellow sleever and I'm hoping that she starts poking her head around these parts some time soon. I'm just so ready to start working out with New Gym Buddy. Looks like she officially has a name now.

Somebody told Old Gym Buddy that it was ok for her to get pregnant. Are you kidding me? She had the nerve to be tired and sleepy when clearly I needed to go to the gym. Really?? Pregnant people suck ( sorry, Kim) Anyway, I hope that my new gym buddy has had a tubal ligation, essure,  uses the pill, the shot, the stamp, the sticker, double bags her man like a sack of canned goods, AND practices the rhythm method.

Even though I'm slowly but surely still losing weight, I want to refocus my eating habits. My parents were here AND it was a holiday weekend, so that was double whammy on my usually healthful ( HA!) eating habits. I've made a commitment with New Gym Buddy to exorcise the Chip Demons from my life. While there won't be any crucifix crotch trauma or  projectile split pea soup, I expect that it won't be the easiest thing to do. Luckily, I've got someone to do it with.

Oh yeah, here's the picture that I posted on facebook the other day.



  1. All I have to say is VA VA VA VOOOM!

  2. SMOKIN' MAMA!!!
    that's a lot of contraceptive requirements... maybe just get yourself a nun?

  3. Thanks ladies. Nuns suck. They'd probably wash my mouth out with soap and holy water

  4. You make me laugh every single time. I'm happy to hear your back on track--I take a million of them and, like you said, I wont know if they are working if I don't take them. Oh and I am never showing your picture to my guy---I am not stupid!

  5. ha ha ha i can't help but agree about how sucky pregnant people are... we're boring, can't go out and have fun and complain alot. infact, i am a little sad that pretty much all my friends are or will be pregnant by the time i deliver. how am i supposed to have any post-baby fun with all these preggos?!

  6. wowee, you are SO HOT! i LOVE the outfit!

    i'm just catching up on some reading - well done on hitting a century! Yay for NGB!

  7. Gurl, you are built like a BRICKHOUSE! You look beyond amazing...

  8. Looking good girl! Keep it up

  9. HEY I write a blog too about how to alter your clothing after you have lost weight...check it out and please leave me feedback....


    I am now your follower, please follow me as well!!!


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