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Monday, September 13, 2010

VSG surgery Work and Royalty

??? Pretty much the same as it has been

This going to work thing is WORK! Jeepers! I really wish that I could just sit my ever reducing rump on the couch and get paid. That would be the life. I really should've been born an heiress or something. I mean, I could be Paris Hilton. I'm at least 10x smarter than she is and I'm sure that a Waning Woman sex tape would be a lot less boring. I'm practically royalty anyway considering that PT is the reigning King of Cornballia. Maybe then Sleevie Wonder could be a Duke, Sir Duke to precise. Anyway, all I know is that I am tired and right now the only fruit that my labor is bearing forth is sweaty armpits and a sore bum. (if your mind works anything like mine then SHAME on you)
Once I actually get a check and the dough starts flowing, I'm sure that I'll feel much better about it.

My acid has been much better now that I actually take my meds the way that I'm supposed to. I take the good stuff in the morning, the cheap stuff at night, and sometimes I'll throw a gaviscon in the mix for good measure. I'm telling you, all it took was me having more than one Cough!Splutter!Gasp!  incident and that was all of the push I needed to put my ass in alignment.

 All in all today was a good day. No acid, drank a ton of water, got in my protein shakes, and now I'm finna slide onto the couch, cue up the DVR and watch Weeds.


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