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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

VSG surgery Goldfish and crap

??8. something. Down a bit from yesterday

So, yesterday and I didn't really eat that well. Let me rephrase that, I ATE LIKE CRAP!!! I had a Muscle Milk for breakfast, and then between breakfast and dinner I just ate junk-junkalicious craptastic crap. I had a bag of chips and two handfuls of goldfish crackers, and you know what? They weren't even delicious. The caloric content wasn't enough to really mess up the day, but its just the quality of it that has me wanting to throw it all out. For me, I want to get away from eating that mess. I need to make a dichotomous key and put it on my pantry door so that I can be visually reminded to make better food choices. No point in wasting calories on food that doesn't even really do it for me.

If it tickles my pickle, floats my boat, or any other crazy idiom that makes it damn near impossible for me to translate my blog into another language, I can live with my choices and be ok. I need to make sure that everything I do for myself and to myself is only going to bolster my marvelousness. Clearly, handfuls of goldfish crackers crammed into my mouth don't fit the bill.


  1. you know what kill me is me snack at night i mean i can have a really good dinner and in the middle of the night i snack on wrong things at time but i dont finsh mine snack but i do that a lot i have not moved from 180 to 179 now it went up to 181 im so mad i dont want to eat anymore i dont know what going with me it the snack that kill me bad and i need to stop it at night where i just want to snack and all i know the feeling though what ur going though ive been busy and not doing mine work out but snack killing me though big time

  2. love that just fills a void in the English language


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