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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VSG surgery Barium and Curiosity


deep fried barium....on a stick!
I got a CT scan today because I've been having some abdominal pain since the accident. While it could just be run of the mill, lady-you're-just-hurting-cause-you-had-an-accident pain, I just wanted to be doubly sure that everything is where it needs to be and is working as God intended. I had to take barium ( which I didn't find out until I f got there) but the barium wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. It wasn't something I'd line up for at the State Fair of Texas...well, actually I take that back. Leave it up to Texans and we'll find a way to deep fry that barium up in crispy, artery clogging, palate pleasing goodness. mmm, mmmm, mmmm. Anyway, the worst part about the whole CT process was the freaking temperature of the whole freaking building.
I had two blankets, and I was still freezing. That place was walk in refrigerator cold. I seriously could have died in there and been preserved for at least a month, maybe two.

I think that the tech was getting a little annoyed with me because I kept asking questions. I wasn't doing it to undermine her or doubt her competency in any way at all, I'm just a learner. If I don't know something, I'm not content to just not know it, I HAVE to  know. When I was younger I read encyclopedias from cover to cover and if they were still making them, I'd still be reading them. Right now if it hits me, I satisfy my learning jones with a Wikipedia fix . For instance I learned that "barium" comes from barys (βαρύς), meaning "heavy". That's the same root word in "bariatrics" Just a little knowledge nugget for your cerebral satisfaction.

Its late and I gotta watch some UFC action tonight so I will



  1. What were the results the barium test? Are you feeling OK?

  2. I'm still having intermittent abdominal pain and my joints are sore and achy. My back and neck hurt, but I'm actually surprised how much my lower back hurts. As far as the results, I probably won't know anything until Monday, but I'll be calling them first thing

  3. Im shooting prayers and good vibes your way!


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