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Saturday, October 23, 2010

VSG surgery Rain and run on sentences


Every time I get a new follower a fat chick somewhere loses a pound.This time, the fat chick was me.

This is one way to solve the problem.
I woke up super early this morning to do absolutely nothing. These Texas skies, ripe with anticipatory growls and deep bass threats, are menacing shades of gray and slate. Normally, days like this soothe me. The rhythmic patter of rain with the staccato crack of thunder sweep me off to a place where everything is washed away. But today, I'm not looking forward to the rain. Today, the rain is a prison guard holding me hostage in my house. I can't go anywhere today because thing 1358 on the list of craptacular things that have happened this month has happened- the damned driver's side window fell off track and its decided that it wants to live inside my door. Maybe its the change in weather and maybe my friggin window is hibernating *shaking my head*. I can't stay in this house today (I'm gonna pull out my hair, the dog's hair, The Kid's hair) so for the sake of follicular integrity, I's gon' hitchhike my way up outta here.

I must say, I am pleasantly surprised that the scale is moving the way that it is. Getting to a new second number before the month was up was my goal, but its looking like I'm gonna beat that deadline. I'm gonna beat that deadline like it was a red headed step child who stole something from me in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and I thought she was Santa Claus coming to deliver some presents to The Kid but she was actually a burglar coming to steal all of our shit AND the Christmas ham but the burglar picked the wrong house cause she don't know me or my kah-rah-tay and after a furious flurry of my fantastic moves she's crumpled on the floor looking like that lamp from "A Christmas Story".  FragilĂ©!!!!

Oh yeah if you google "upset stomach after glass of moscato" my blog pops up. LOL!


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