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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VSG surgery Maduros and tuition


Sleevie's exorbitant finishing school bill was something that I thought was worth the money. He'd learned to communicate his feelings with words instead of grumbles and burps, he'd stopped smoking cigarettes and hanging out with Addie and those other loose girls, and he even learned the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork and now carries around the appropriate one at the appropriate time. We were getting along swimmingly! Things were so quiet around here that I actually had to peek into his bedroom and make sure that he was still home. So much for that.

Now its seems that he's regressed, so I'm in the process of putting a stop payment on the last tuition check. Ugh, he was doing so well. At school they worked on his xenophobia ( his new best friend is caublasianese) and for a while I could indulge my tastebuds with Ethiopian, Indian, Mexican, all of the good spicy stuff. Now he's back to his cantankerous self and puts up a fuss anytime something that is remotely spicy crosses my lips. I'm back to barring bbq sauce, sidelining samosas, and letting go of lega tibs. For lack of a better word, Sleevie just feels icky when I have spicy food.
While in West Texas for my Aunt's funeral, I bought a few dozen frozen tamales home for my dad. The other day, he popped them into the microwave for lunch and I had one bite and that was more than enough for me to back off.  I hope that it gets better but here are tons of incredible foods that I can eat without spice though.
maduros. mmmmm
Yesterday, I made a delicious authentic Dominican meal of carne guisada (stewed beef), moro (rice and black beans cooked together), and maduros (pan fried sweet plantain). MMMMM. It was so freaking good and it wasn't even a little picante. So, its not the end of the world.



  1. I could eat everything... until my blasted gallbladder decided it wanted to join my stomach in the toxic waste bin at the hospital.... now stupid things like milk and cereal give me the "volcano effect"

  2. wondering what my deals will be when they come around.
    Right now, anything super sweet (TASTING) does me in for a little UPSIDE DOWN volcano action..... smh
    Hang in there! I like spicy food and seasoned food so much, I think my blood is spicy!

  3. lol @ upside down volcano action. I've never heard it put quite so eloquently!

    Anna, I hope that you get to feeling better soon

  4. Thanks for the comment - its already getting better! Love your blog, very entertaining!


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