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Saturday, November 6, 2010

VSG surgery Cake and dreams


Distraction??? Um yeah, totally.
Full steam ahead yall! My mind is set, snacks and candy are out of the house, I'm stocked up on my Premier Protein Shakes, I've got dinner already planned, I'm motivated! With the holiday season is squarely upon us, I'm hoping that I can ride this wave of enthusiasm all the way to Holidayweightloss Island. I wanna keep my eye on the prize all the time, but its even more important now that there are SO many distractions along the way.

My dreams last night were chock full of death, dismemberment, violence (thanks to watching The Crazies on Netflix) and CAAAAAAAAKE. Several friends made cameo appearances in this bedtime blockbuster and the story was everywhere, but I'll try to sum it up as concisely as possible.

Zombie. friends. zombie tries to attack me. zombie dead. friend mad cause zombie was her friend. I run away. I end up at a wedding. Groom is zombie and attacking and killing everybody with a Tonka trunk. Wedding canceled. Cake Dude gives me a sample of cake. It's slap-ya-mama-run-tell-dat-homeboy-good. OMG!!!! Cake Dude starts crying because nobody will eat his masterpiece. CAKE FOR SALE!!!!!! I have no cash so I run to the car and find a few dollars. Heavenly, heavenly, confectionery delight for 7 bucks and an 8 dollar IOU.

I'm shaking my head just thinking about how good the cake was in my dream. The sensory experience of that dream was so vivid, that I woke up in a panic. The sample that Cake Dude gave me was just a sliver, an eenie weenie bit, but that minuscule amount of cake sent me into sensory overload. The panic came in because I bought an entire 3 tiered cake of sensory overload. That's scary! That's the gastronomic equivalent of like 100 lbs of coke! Waning Woman would be an urban legend-the lady who overdosed on cake, now believes that she is a cake and is now in a mental institution afraid that people are going to eat her. *shuddering*  I think that the cake part of the dream is waaaaay scarier than the Tonka wielding zombie groom.



  1. Especially cake THAT good. Frightfully delicious

  2. I'm taking this to a psychoanalyst cause its gonna be funner n hell to figure this one out!

    I have not cleaned out the candy as it isnt my kids candy that is left (blank stare face) I did however by baked laxatives called sugar free tatsykakes. Add it to the list of food disguised as laxatives, right under the frozen ex lax named "Sugar Free Ice Cream"

    BUT no sugar today and thats a start

  3. I think you all should be


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