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Monday, November 22, 2010

VSG surgery Cot and Damage

??6 something

Hi guys! Things are still crazy, but there was a big enough break in the crazy that I was able to come home, spend the night, and pick up a few things (including my Premier Protein Shakes!!!) before I get back on the road again. Even with all of the crazy, there have still been some breaks in the clouds to let some good come through.

cute winter boots that ACTUALLY zip
So Sleevie Wonder has been working overtime to keep my overly stressed ass from eating too much and putting on weight. I've been eating all of the wrong foods at all of the wrong times, waking and going to sleep at odd hours, not drinking all of my water and other assorted activities that aren't conducive to weight loss. At any other point in my life,  simply being at my parents' house, much less being at my parents' house PLUS dealing with a stressful situation, would be enough for me to come home 5 lbs heavier This time though, I managed to have a waaay better outcome. I know that Sleevie isn't a miracle worker, but he sure pulled the rabbit out of the hat with this one. I'm only a few tenths up from my lowest weight.

See!!! Lookee! Those boots over there, THEY FIT ME!!!! All my life I've had a pretty hard time finding boots that zip up seeing as how I inherited T-Rex legs from my mama. T-Rex legs are hard enough to shop for, but fat T-rex legs were impossible to shop for. Impossible like Texans without  big hair, hashbrowns turning back into potatoes, me not liking CAAAAAKE!! Buying those boots was truly a slendifferiffic occasion.

I took the stairs multiple times, I went  in my mom's closet and pulled out some clothes and they FIT, went to Old Navy and bought a jacket, went to IHOP had a quarter of a pancake and two bites of omlette, got compliments left and right ( that NEVER gets old to me). Sleevie and I are getting along swimmingly.

 On the count of three say "cot damage"  like you're saying it to the last 5 pounds that are keeping you from getting to your goal. 1........2...........3..........." COT DAMAGE!!!!"  Lol, I was in the car the other day and this little kid walked by the car and was trying to day GD, but it ended up coming out more like cot damage. That's a new Waning Woman phrase. Feel free to use it, but not too freely. If you are a follower you can use it up to 5 times, but after that , I gotta charge ya. My generosity has bounds but my greed has none.



  1. Missed you, glad you had time to post today. Love the boots.

  2. Thanks, Amelia. You guys help to keep me going.

  3. ROFL love that "my generosity has bounds and my greed has none." <-- awesome!

  4. You're the shiznits---cot damage, I mean it

  5. LOL, reminds me of a story. One day the guy in the cubicle behind me got ticked off at something and says, "Cheese and rice!" I smiled, turned around, and said "cheese and rice?" He laughed, said well, that's what my wife and I say around the kids, when we really mean Jesus Christ!

    (I mean to offend no one, btw.)

  6. Congrats! I have yet to be able to buy zip up boots.

  7. Wow - what a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for you. Something to be thankful for, even during a trying time. And I love the Cot Damage! Kids say the best things.

    COT DAMAGE!!!!!
    you know i'm over here rollin right now trying to tell DT about COT DAMAGE but she isnt getting it I dont think. I guess i'll have to enjoy it on my own LOL COT DAMAGE!!!!!

    PS i still got two more uses!


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