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Friday, November 5, 2010

VSG surgery Veggies and meat


mashed cauliflower and kebab meat for PT
I've done really well with my water and food so far today and I'm super crunk about the rest of the day. I'm so freaking motivated yall!!!!! I talked to one of my good friends-and sleeve buddy- last night and he certainly helped put the fire under my ass.

For breakfast I guzzled down a Premier Protein Shake, and for lunch I just had a little less than a half a cup of smashed cauliflower. While it wasn't protein, I surely cannot find anything wrong with having vegetables for lunch. Well, if you're a velociraptor there might be a problem, but luckily this aint the Cretaceous and I'm not a carnivorous dinosaur.
I will get to indulge my carnophilia tonight with a meal of braised beef short ribs...mmmmmm....mmmmmm.mmmmmmmmmm. My eyes are rolling around in my head and my mouth is slightly ajar, delirious with the anticipatory excitement of such a delightfully, decadent, dish. It's everything that a good beef dish should be-deep, rich, hearty, moist, tender, and on the bone. *le sigh*

Well, I'm finna get on up cause these ribs certainly won't cook themselves

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  1. ummmmmm that mashed cauliflower looks fantabulousimosos!!!!!!

  2. I think you've officially make up as many words as I do! lol


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