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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

VSG surgery Viruses and predictive text

??5.2.    So i'm lying here on the couch pecking out a blog entry for the day on my not-so-smartphone. It's was better than my other pos phone, so I won't be complaining too much. My one huge gripe is predictive text. There are like two things already that I wanted to say but predictive text decided that it knew better than me and vetoed my choice of words. The crazy thing is that I turned it off but somehow its still mucking with fe.  Anyway, please bear with me and my formatting issues today.
 I've backed away 36 inches from death's door, so while I still feel like crap, it's way better than feeling like beaten crap, or flambed crap, or hogtied, gagged, and forced to watch Jersey Shore crap. Luckily for me, PT has pretty much given me a pass on everything but breathing.....and hacking up phlegm.      
I really thought that me and me leukocytes were cooler than that. How dare they betray me and allow this viral assault upon my body?! 
Now that I can open my eyes and sit upright, it isn't all bad as i've had a chance to check out some stuff on netflix that i've been meaning to get around to.  I've also watched more Thomas in two days than a classroom of preschoolers would watch all year. I also realized that my vents and ceiling fans are in dire need of a thorough cleaning. There ARE actually productive things that one can get done on one's back. Anyway, i'm finna go take me another shower. All of this sweating has got me smelling rather ripe, so for the sake of nostricular integrity, I will ttyl


  1. ahh predictive text! I dislike you so. Even worse, is the spell check that happens at the same time you hit send. When I had my iPhone, way back when I had a job, I was texting with my daughter while she was home and I was at work. I agreed to whatever she asked for and then my last reply was "okey dokes". AT least that's what it was suppose to be. The iPhone decided to correct me right after I hit send and the message my daughter received was Parkway Dikes. Talk about smart phone.

  2. Oh I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. "forced to watch Jersey shore crap"...that's hilarious. You are seriously creative. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're back to 100% soon.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling a -little- better, and hope the healing trend continues.

  5. LOL, just what i needed to start the day! LOLOL

  6. Thanks for coming out to check my blog, you're hilarious so i'm definitely following you back!

    Check out the south park episode called "its a jersey thing" they poke fun of jersey shore in it and its HILARIOUS!!!


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