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Thursday, December 16, 2010

VSG surgery Back fat and diabetes

??3.8............ 120.2 lbs lost to date

So, I did it. I've lost 120 lbs in less than 10 months. I've lost 1.1935 Nicole Richies! If I keep my original goal of 185 then I'm more than 75% of the way there. Since I've lost the weight and know how I look and how I feel, I think that I want to adjust my goal weigh upwards. I'm almost there.

30 lbs ago
One goal that I can't tie to any specific number is back fat eradication. Overall, I'm not complaining, but if you look at the pic from yesterday you can see the piece of Addie that I want gone. (That "shadow" at my elbow is back fat trench). I hope that I can make life uncomfortable enough for that cotdamaged *&#**^@%%$$@ that she will pack a bag and run away like the delinquent that she is. I really don't care what happens to her. She can end up on the streets on NY sleeping on cardboard box beds, babbling incoherently while wearing a crooked wig like shes on an episode of Bobby and Whitney Intervention.
Size 14. Look at the gap!
Unquenchable thirst grabbed a hold of me last week like I was traversing the Sahara in an all black Klan suit with Uggs. No matter what I did, I could. not. stay. hydrated. It got so bad that it was waking me up out of my sleep every single night. I didn't say about it until I could make sure what was going on with me, because excessive thirst is one of the hallmarks of being a diabetical, yes, I said diabetical. Fortunately, blood sugar testing kits are super duper cheap so I went to Walmart on one extra thirsty night and picked up everything I needed for less than 18 bucks. I made it back to the car ripped into that package before I was even in the car good. I checked out my blood sugar and WHEW!!!! everything was ok.
I'm still not sure what the cause of it was, but I'm doing better this week.

One of my fellow WLS bloggers, who happens to be my top commeneter, is having a 55.00 gift code giveaway on her page. Check it out. She super talented, funny as hell, and does a mean Eskimo impression.

So go hit up Miss Chrissy, yall.



  1. I swear if you were Haagan Daaz ice cream youre flavor would be "Too Good For Chrissy".

    Ive been trying to find away to break it to you that those of us who dont look quite as cute as you in photos have gotten together and sign a petition stating we feel you should have to wear ugly clothes now that you are not only cute but skinny.We brought you a lima bean hat to start off your new wardrobe. Im not averse to using cloriform to get the job done , so lets not make a scene.

    Now, isn't back fat the same stuff that mikes hinies and cleavatures look good? Perhaps this isnt such a bad thing if the netherpeaches and boobalopolis looks good?

  2. OH my dear god. I have tears in my eyes right now cause you are all different shades of funny. This is why I love you.

  3. CLAAWWD Havemercy Cot Dammage!!! Oh ok i'm back. So Proud So Proud. You have flat out done the dogone thing and have done it "your way" Good luck to you in figuring out what makes you comfortable with you. I somehow cant help but to think that the thought process for that particular stage will end up being ANOTHER transformation all of it's own. But hey, good problem to have! So you keep doing what you do, i'm sure the inspiration you send out with your realistic daily events and pictures are inspiring for not only me, but also people that you have never seen, may never talk to, may never admit, or just flat out doesnt know exist. So keep doin whatcha do!

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