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Monday, December 20, 2010

VSG surgery Dr. Guillermo Alvarez and The Gastric Sleeve Book

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So here's the big news! Dr Guillermo Alvarez, a prominent bariatric surgeon, has generously donated autographed copies of his new book The Gastric Sleeve. While he was not my surgeon, he is one of the warmest and most gracious people that I've had the pleasure of getting to know in my new post surgery life. He is a rockstar in the bariatric and world, yet he takes the time to answer questions no matter how small.

If you're preop especially you want this, but there is some great info for us postops as well. Enter for you or if you know someone who can use this book, give it to them. If you want to enter and you are already a blog follower and/or FB fan, you will get extra chances to win. (i just made this list this morning so I know who you are)

SOOOOOO, if you want a chance to win one of Dr. Alvarez's books do up to 4 things listed below for up to 4 chances to win.
1. Become a blog follower or subscribe via email (look on right hand side of page)
2. "Like" the Waning Woman FB page
3. Grab the Sleevie Wonder button and add it to your page
4. Follow me on Twitter and retweet this giveaway.
5. Photoshop Sleevie Wonder doing something wild and email it to me waningwoman at g m
6.Photoshop Dr. Alvarez's head onto this picture or another awesome rockstar pic and also email it to me

To enter, please leave a comment with the number of things you did and if you aren't a FB fan or blog follower, a way to get in touch with you. The contest closes on Friday, so get to gettin y'all!

PS. Contact Dr. Alvarez on twitter or his FB fan page and let him know how cool this is.



  1. Hey, I would love a copy of his book! I'm a blog follower.

  2. I signed up via email (I usually just check your blog via my blogroll, LOL), but I also posted about the giveaway here:

  3. Can I enter with just this comment? If so I will email you

  4. Somebody wanted to enter but they were concerned about discretion with the surgery. If anyone else has this same concern just email me waningwoman at g mail .c om and I'll get you entered in, too.

  5. Followed your blog.
    Followed you on Twitter and tweeted about the contest.
    Followed you on FB.

  6. I already do four, but Im so gonna install paint shop on myu kids desktop (laptop died) and do something fun to Stevitha Wonder

  7. Sent the new Sleevie Pic
    Transformed Dr. Alvarez into Jay Cutler
    Been A follower since the stars aligned just right to even know what this waning woman was all about!!! WOOT WOOT!

  8. Girl, I've been following you on your blog, twitter, and Facebook forever so this is soooo easy for me! Thanks for all of your support and hilarious posts over the past year. You crack me up and you KNOW that some days that is exactly what we sleevers need to get through another protein filled day! Love ya!

  9. thanks for supporting me guys! Can't wait until the drawing tomorrow.

  10. I follow your blog and facebook and would love to enter.


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