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Monday, December 6, 2010

VSG surgery Ghetto and Santa

??5.2 I think

The Kid is SO excited for Christmas this year which in turn makes me excited. This is the first year that he actually gets it. Last year he was sitting around slack jawed, glossy eyed, and wanting to go back to sleep during Christmas, but this year he's making gift requests. Anyway, he wanted to go see Santa and there was one at the Walgreen's near our house, so we went.
We walk into Walgreen's, see a man with a Santa suit on.  He is standing around in cosmetics chatting it up with the girl at the counter and he then turns to us and says, , " Hey....uh.... yaw....uh.... wanna take a pitcher wit Santa." Pt and I looked at each other thinking "This is nice. The store employees are really getting into the spirit" We walk over to the picture area, and he plops his ass down in chair and we look at each other. This ghetto MF IS Santa. OH hell to the NO!
On top of having diction problems, crooked facial hair, and an ill fitting suit, this Santa was fighting another uphill struggle. Some stuff just is what it is.
Martin Luther King is Black.
George Washington is White.
Oprah is Black.
Santa is WHITE!!!!
 You have to step ya game up and be the BEST Santa you can be if you are an un-White Santa. You cannot be a low budget, garage sale, Blue Light Special, Santa Claus if you are Black.

good Black Santa

good Asian Santa
Good Indian Santa. he's not even trying
I'm just sayin....

Now this right here transcends race!

As I said on my FB page, we are in a recession and there are too many people looking for work. There is no reason at all to hire a raggedy Santa. Just get some good Santas for these chirruns, that's all I'm sayin!


  1. You never make me stop laughing. :)

  2. LOL two of those santas need to be de-Claused.....

  3. I played Santa once---and I was skinny then..skinny female slant eyed Santa--Im just that good

  4. Hahahah....OMG that's HILARIOUS!!!!! When I was about 11, we had a Black Santa at our neighborhood community center...he was well as you say...ghetto. I took a picture with him anyway. Ha! My brother, being the ass that he is, now has the pic as an ornament on his tree! LOL


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