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Thursday, December 2, 2010

VSG surgery Hangovers and bones

??5.0 119lbs to date!

I woke up feeling like crap today because yesterday I was slacking like hell on my water. I don't know what got into me ( apparently not water) but I only had a protein shake and I do not remember having anything else to drink. I have one of those all night bender headaches, which is not surprising considering that most of the effects of a hangover are from dehydration. I think that the next time I feel like this I want to have partied with Jose, Jim, and had Sex on the Beach with Tom Collins during a Hurricane under a Starry Night. There.

that skelly has SASS!!!
Weird thing about losing weight is you start finding stuff. Not the fluffy, this-is-the-reason-I-had-surgery-in-the-first-place stuff like energy or self esteem. No, nothing like that. I mean things like the sternum and your xyphoid process, your coccyx ( get your mind outta the gutter), BONES people.
I was in panic the the day convinced that some alien life form was going to burst forth from my chest in a crimson spray of flesh, blood, and sad boob bits. I yelled for PT to come into the room

ww- what the hell is this?
pt- what the hell is what?
ww- THIS!!, pointing to the alien fetus eruption point.
pt- that?
ww- yeah
pt- that's supposed to be there.
ww- is it supposed to feel like that?
pt- yeah, I'm pretty sure it is

xyphoid process.
"This" happened to be my xyphoid process. Jesus, I wasn't fat for all that long, but I guess even a few years and you start forgetting what your normal anatomy is. Anyway, while I'm finding things, I hope that I can find a nice rack somewhere.



  1. Lisa from sleeve groupDecember 2, 2010 at 4:08 PM

    LOL. This post made me laugh. I have been finding bones and stuff too. Hubby keeps laughing at me because I keep saying what is this? I guess it is a good thing. :)

  2. Hehehe you always make me laugh!!! I have been finding things too. Right now I am convinced my tailbone is in the wrong place. It feels like it's sticking out to the right and i'm like... maybe I never knew before bc I was fat. Now I need to get it checked out lol. My tailbone hurts when I sit too long bc it pokes into stuff! Hahaha. My hip bones feel so sharp when I'm laying down. Can't even imagine what it will feel like when I lose another 50 lbs!

  3. You're to cat damaged cute. I remember when I was pretty thin but I lost like ten pounds and I kept feeling my shoulder bones going " this broken?" to people

  4. haha, not the fluffy stuff. i miss my collarbones. it will be good to be reunited with them one day...

  5. Too funny! Have fun with your new "discovery"! :)

  6. I'm just excited that I remembered enough from A&P that I knew what you were talking about before the picture. :-) Congratz on your "discovery".

  7. Yep Yep Yep
    I keep getting told "thats supposed to be there see look at mine too" but right now i'm wondering how many people while reading this when they saw that photograph of the sternum reached down to see if they could feel it too?

  8. Because I sure did.

  9. I know my ass gets too hurting when I sit at work too much, and I sit alot because of the type of work, my partner at work thinks Im on drugs as Im up and down all the time when we are teaching groups, which is funny as we are both drug/alcohol counselors...

  10. the other thing I noticed with the weight lost is that my bones crack, kind of make that sound like when you pop your knuckles, so i went to my chiropractor, and he said well Kathyits because you have lost weight, and there isnt so much cushion between the joints... who'd have thunk I would have ever missed cushioned joints...

  11. lol@ the "on drugs comment" Ass pain is REAL!


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