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Thursday, December 23, 2010

VSG surgery Sleevie Wonder and Dr. Alvarez


Yesterday I went to La Madeleine had the quiche and got a box of linzer cookies to go. The quiche was incredible, but the linzer cookie,
They are addictive! You will spend way too much money buying them, way too much time driving to get them, and way too many nights explaining to your children that you couldn't make it too open house/ pta/ meetings/holiday pageants because you were out cheating with the French hussy. Voulez vous coucher avec moi? Mais oui!

The good news is, I ate them and enjoyed them in the moment. There was no inhaling, no crumb faced glassy eyed stupor, no panic. I savored them. :)

The contest closes tomorrow, so if you want to enter, contact me in via email, comment, FB, morse code, smoke signal, telepathy, or by fedexed bribe of linzer cookies. If you're concerned about privacy, we can work something out. Anyhoo, I wanted to share with you two HILARIOUS pics I got as entries into the contest.  Enjoy!


  1. Those are so kick ass lol...Dr's kinda hot, isn't he?

  2. Every single time I look at the pic of Dr. Alvarez it makes me laugh. I love Sleevie, too


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