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Thursday, January 20, 2011

VSG surgery Anniversaries and consults


Since last Friday and I've been really busy. There've been roadtrips, several doctors appointments, therapy, vaccinations for The Kid, and now I'm coming down with something. I've been nauseated and hacking up these sickening opaque, fluorescent yellow, globules of pure yuck. Too bad I had to miss our first volleyball game last night.

I wanted to blog yesterday, because yesterday was the one year anniversary of my surgery consult and the day that everything came together. I went there not sure if I was gonna have surgery and I left with a date, my optifast, and even the prescriptions that I would need after surgery. I had the goahead from the surgeon, my family's support, the financial means to make it happen, everything just happened in that one day. I remember being so stunned that it was actually going to happen that I walked around in a haze of disbelief all that day and part of the next. I can vividly recall exactly what I wore, what we did after the consult, everything. I don't even remember yesterday like that. Hmmmmm. January 19, 2010 feels like yesterday and ages ago at the same time.

Sorry this post is so anemic, but I'm feeling lousy and all I really wanna do is get back under the covers and watch some stuff I dvr-ed


  1. Anemic my ass. It was sweet and wonderful. Gimme a hug---NO! WAIT Dont touch me...your a petri dish of germs. I will love you from far away >HUGS<

  2. What a day! Your life changed forever! I know there are good and bad days, but you can always be grateful for that day.


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