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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

VSG surgery Walking and Boots


Remember yesterday when I was ranting about hooker boots? Weeeell, I went out yesterday and managed to cop me a pair of them. They run true to size, but in order to get them over my big ass legs, I had to go to drag queen size a size up. These aren't just hooker boots, but hooker/superhero/villainess/pirate boots. When is the last time that you owned a pair of boots with that many slashes? Top that!
Losing weight has been great for expanding my wardrobe options, but its been far greater for my life. You don't really have much of a life when your back hurts, and your feet ache, and your knees are crying for relief. When you're severely overweight, you don't just want to be able to walk in boots for an hour without pain, you just want to be able to WALK for an hour without pain.
I can walk.
I can stroll.
I can strut.
I can march.
I can swish my hips and sashay AAAALLLL over this

Yes, I can...I can walk.



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    You already know how I feel right now about slowly becoming a "man doll" The women in my life enjoy dressing me up and i'm 100% sure that it's because I am 1000% more tolerable when it comes to going shopping for clothes now. Before, It was like a Bah-Humbug type experience for all involved, Minus the Angelic figures capable of walking through walls. Instead it was more of the Future demon spirit that pushed everyone away and had me shopping quickly and expensively in the big and tall section. Now, it's like when I go into a new place i'm gliding on one of those Spike Lee pulleys in slow motion while everythingelse goes in regular speed and i'm posing the whole time!

  2. "sway alll over this bitch!" I love that, perfection!

  3. Love the boots! Details..where did you get them? I wanny.

  4. Ok so do that on a TIGHT ROPE holding a tiger by the tail!! Not that I can do it or anything...I just wanna see it and thought it be hella' cool.

    You're such a pip :) Those are some BAD ASS boots, Im getting your sword so you swash buckle.

  5. Those are some HOT boots! I am so jealous. My calves are still too big to handle that type of boot. I have major muscles there too so that makes it hard to wear that type of boot. I had one pair and I had just gotten back into them when the kitty used them as a scratching post. Very sad :(

  6. Oh no, Raven. I'd have to make me a custom pair of kitty fur boots ;)

    They're Baby Phat boots,Miki,

    But you know that a recessionista like me didn't pay that much for them. 19.99 for the win!

  7. Now those are SOME boots!!! And a great price too, woo hoo!

  8. It will be a whole minute before I can push my 453-lb-carrying calfs into some boots like that...but oh, when I do. I'll be rocking them with nothing but an apron...ha cha cha cha!!!!


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