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Thursday, February 3, 2011

VSG Surgery Bariatric Surgery and Dallas


Bored because of the winter weather whiteout in DFW, I decided to look through some mail that I picked up the other day. Amongst the bills and offers for CHEAPEST CARPET CLEANING IN DALLAS!!!, I found a copy of Shine, a "healthy-living magazine" produced by the Methodist Health System . I picked it because there was a picture of Sherri Sheppard on it with the headline "Bariatric Surgery Take Your Life Back." Of course that made my ass pick it up. I greedily flipped through the magazine scanning for the article about
Did she fool you to?
one of the stars from the "View" getting bariatric surgery AND getting it in Dallas. page 1......page15......back to page 7.....AH HA! There it is.
Only its not Sherri Sheppard. Surprised? Me, too. Tell me that this lady does not look EXACTLY like Sherri Sheppard on the cover. Anyi'vebeendupedandyouhavetooway...

I read the article only to be floored by the misinformation contained within one sentence.
"The gastric bypass/sleeve procedure is a minimally invasive weight-loss surgery that reduces the size of the stomach by stapling a large portion of it closed."

  1. Its not the gastric bypass/sleeve. Those are two totally different weight loss surgeries. I don't want to go into the specifics on here, but the are NOT THE SAME!!!
  2. Definition: A minimally invasive procedure is any procedure (surgical or otherwise) that is less invasive than open surgery used for the same purpose. While by definition it is technically a minimally invasive procedure, so would removing your brain through a  few holes in your head as opposed to taking off the top of your dome. If you're going under anesthesia and they're entering your body to remove something, anything, there will be risks.
  3. The gastric sleeve/vertical sleeve/vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure does not work by stapling a portion of it closed. The stomach is cut and the staples are used to bring the two sides together just like regular ole stitches. I talked about that misconception in this blog post. Furthermore, the stomach is not stapled closed and just left there. Its cut, stapled, separated from the rest of the stomach, removed through that minimally invasive hole, and finally shipped off to Paris in a fed ex box. Stomach leather clutches are the hottest thing this Fall!
This is a sleeve!!
There is so much misunderstanding, misinformation surrounding weight loss surgery. The fact that the medical establishment, especially an esteemed institution like the Methodist Health System, can't get it right is very disheartening. And before somebody tells me to blame it on the journalist, I AM!! Let me tell you that my nonmedical school educated ass can tell you the difference among all of the bariatric procedures, give you a list of all of the pros and cons, and tell you what they do and don't do to your anatomy. You know why? Cause I'm the smartest, mose edgeumacatered, blogr who nose evrythign? Cuase I can due riffmaticical eekwayzuns offa teh top of my dome? Well, while all of the aforementioned items have an extremely high probability of certainty, its because I did my research.

So what did Waning Woman do? She called the department and got in touch with Public Relations and actually spoke to the person who wrote the article. And you know what I heard? A lot of blame shifting.
Sandra-"Well we talk to the patients and a patient will describe something and all we can go on is what they describe. Sometimes the patients themselves will have a misunderstanding of the procedure."
Me "Well could you do an article on the different surgical procedures to educate the public?"
Sandra-"We don't want to make the patients feel bad about of preparedness. There are some people for whatever reason don't have the resources to do the research."
Me-"That's exactly what I'm talking about!"
Sandra-"Well we do the best that we can and sometimes things get overlooked. I'm not a doctor"
Me-"I'm not a doctor either, so you cannot use that as an excuse."
Sandra-"We have team of paid proofreaders and doctors, sometimes things get by. Maybe for this patient and her situation was specific and they just told us what they know"
Me-"I think that as a medical establishment, you owe a service to the community to provide accurate information."
Sandra-"Well...doctors...the patient....proofreaders....editors...physician that does the review of the article.."

Blame shifting at its best. Its everybody's fault, but nobody's fault at the same time. Instead of trying to find out where the breakdown happened,instead trying to make sure that this type of thing doesn't happen again, instead of doing the RIGHT thing, I just got a lot of  "um's" and "well's"

But, I've got a few more names and numbers and a few more calls to make, so I will be following up more on this in a bit.




  2. Tear them a new one, WW! Misinformation on this procedure is uncalled for, especially from a periodical of this nature. Shame on them!

  3. Good for you!!! I bet she felt stupid!

  4. Love it. I'm glad you called. That's something I would have done. There is a lot of stuff floating around out there. Glad you set them straight. And that heifer does look like Sherri Shephard.

  5. Wowwwwww
    Unbelievable! I bet you when it came time to collect the money from their paid advertisers not a single address, phone number, checking accont number, bank routing number, credit card number, or 2nd billing contact was missed.........
    Shame shame shame. You need to pull an Erin Brockoviavich on em and go down there and sit down at a desk and tell them that they just hired you!

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