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Friday, February 11, 2011

VSG surgery Clothes and Movement


Do these frames make me look like I know what I'm talking about?
Today is another one of those lets-type-and-just-see-where-this-blog-post-goes kind of days. My weight is down a little bit, so that's always good. You will never hear me complaining about any number on the scale that's lower than the one the day before.

My food intake yesterday was a shake for breakfast, chicken sausage for lunch, a chicken mini sandwich from Church's, and pintos and cheese from dinner. Those little chicken sandwiches from Church's are ridiculously good. If you get one, double check it for toenails cause somebody put their FOOT IN IT!!!!!

you like?
PT just called me and made plans for us to go out to dinner after I pick him up from work. I really don't want to go where he wants to go, but I'll suck it up this time. He's not the make plans kind of guy, so if he wants to go, I'm jumping on it! He's perfectly happy at home sitting in the house and never going anywhere. Me? Nope. If I'm not doing something, I feel like I'm going to explode from the inside out- blood and guts and bits of Sleevie Wonder all over the place! Knowing my dog she'd probably lick it up, and if I survived, our relationship would be irreparably damaged. How do you look at your dog the same after that? So in order to preserve canine human harmony in the Waning Woman household, ah movez around!!.
Before I had surgery, I didn't have the kind of energy that I have now and I never went anywhere. In addition to that, I could never find anything to wear. Being big severely limits your wardrobe options. Just the other day, I was underdressed for the weather, and I just went in the store and picked this little striped sweater up off of the sale rack. Now that is bliss!



  1. I may have to stuff you full of twinkies for looking cute...

  2. Of all of the things you could stuff me with you choose twinkies?! *shaking my head*

  3. Those shades are fantastic and you're looking awesome! Have fun tonight!

  4. Hope you enjoy(ed) Dinner!!!! I know exactly what you mean on being able to walk in the store and pick something up really quick. I bought two packages of Underwear and they were on clearance and they didn’t cost me $499.82 per package! Woot Woot!!!!
    delightfully Dancin in em right now!

  5. Hey, that middle number went from 9 to 7!
    I saw it! just now! It moved!!!!

  6. HA i'm like him i would rather stay home lol!!

  7. Woowoo, curvy mama! You look fantastic - what a beautiful hourglass figure!

  8. Cute sweater...and on sale too! Gotta love that. Hope dinner was fun.

  9. Thought I was the only one who made those toenail jokes...

  10. lookink goot, mami (snapping fingers)

  11. My hubby would rather stay home too, not me however I need to be doing something!! Looking forward to the grabbing something off the rack day, I went from a 24 to an 18 and am super excited I can now shop at NY & Co...its the little (or big) things in life :)


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