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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

VSG surgery Food choices and Calories


On the FB page, I asked yall to pray for PT this morning.

"I'm about to take PT to work and I am not a morning person. Please pray for him on this blustery, cold Tuesday. Pray that he doesn't smack his gum too hard, sit funny, or breathe too loud. Amen"

One asinine exchange with PT (before we even left the house!) and it's very clear that y'all didn't do y'alls job.  I'm too busy saving the world in my Slash Boots, to pray for myself. Duh! What do I have to do around this place to get a little respect?! Anyway, this is what got my panties all up in a wad.

PT-Do you have any gum?
WW-No, I don't have any gum.
PT- We're out of gum. GOD! I'm the only person that buys gum around here!
WW-You're the only person that chews gum! OMG!

If I didn't have this whole Dr. Claw thing going on, I would show you my face right now! It's channeling so many emotions right now that my epidermis is on the verge of giving up, jumping off of my face, and hitching a ride to the airport. We'll see just see how far it goes without goverment issued id. UGH!

I've gotten lots of questions about how I eat and what I eat. For the most part, I still follow the no water with my meals rule. I'm not as stringent about waiting 30 minutes after drinking to eat, but I am a stickler for the waiting 30 minutes after eating to drink rule. While I can eat just about anything, Sleevie Wonder is FAR more sensitive than my old, 40 gallon, cast iron stomach. He has an off/on relationship with spicy foods, and while its manageable, it still annoying as all get out.
Yesterday, my food choices yesterday were less than ideal, but calorically, I think it was ok. I had cookies for breakfast, 2 drumettes for lunch, chicken strips and broccoli rice casserole for dinner, and when I finally made it back home, I had another cookie. I don't always make the best food choices when I'm stressed out, but I think that's pretty much 98% of America. Besides, the Scarlet Crusade has marched into town and ,well, you know how that goes.

I don't count calories because as I've said over and over again, I am lazy and inefficient. In this case, being lazy and inefficient would help me lose weight. I would never want to calculate calories on anything that wasn't labeled, or anything that required me to weigh or measure, so I just wouldn't eat it. If I counted calories, all I would have are water and Cheetos. I'm too lazy to way and measure, but not too lazy to count.

Well, I gotta make a run for the border and catch my face.



  1. Thats mu girl---dont gut him like a fish

  2. Freakin' scarlet crusade...that does something to me, too. I have a theory. I can always eat more before she comes. I always WANT to eat more before it comes. I understand your intolerance for PT. I do. I understand where you're coming from completely...about everything. EEEKKK!

  3. @chrissy, I'm not gonna.....but I'm thisclose to it. Can you believe that he had ANOTHER now day? ugh!

    @angel, sometimes it just comforting to you know you're not the only one.

  4. LOL Dont hurt nobody down there in these United States of Dallas! LOL
    Surprise PT with a 12 pack of his favorite gum and get it from Costco!


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