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Monday, February 14, 2011

VSG surgery: Hearts and Balance

Happy Balance Time Day!!! The Kid would say. I'd correct him, but its cute as hell. Anyway, trying to convince a three year old that something that they know or think or say or do is wrong is pretty much an exercise in futility. For example, his three year old logic has him convinced that our female dog is quite the opposite. One day he asked me what the bumps on our dogs torso where, and I told him that they were nipples. Because he has nipples, and girls can't have nipples, only chichi's, our dog is a boy. He has positively, unwaveringly declared that our sweet, little, girl dog is a boy.
Aren't those cookies, beautiful?  Since today is all about love ( I LOVE THEM), hearts ( Look at the shape!), and sweets ( mmmmm!) this was the perfect opportunity to post a picture of them. Them being my beloved linzer cookies. I've been running around behind cake's back with La Madeleine's linzer cookies, and cake is really starting to get suspicious.You think they would be okay with being sister wives?

My weight is at an all time low today so I'm super stoked about that. I didn't want to set a goal for my surgiversary on the 19th, because that felt like too much pressure. But I have to admit that it would be cool to be 2 lbs lighter by then. 130 would sound nice. (Having 130 followers by then would be nice, too)  I've not held any hard timelines for weight loss as I know that weight loss can't be my only goal, but it is called weight LOSS surgery for a reason....and I like losing weight!

What I don't like is waking up out of my sleep choking because Sleevie wants to be an assclown and evict my stomach contents!! Ugh, he's a slumlord, cot damage. I  might have had a small, tiny, miniscule part to play in it. Normally, I try not to drink or eat within a few hours of bedtime. I'll occasionally make an exception if I'm extra thirsty, but still its never right before bed. Yesterday, I was tired to the bone and conked right out with my clothes on less than an hour after eating. Eating plus drinking to close to bedtime is an equation for disaster. Mount Saint Waning Woman erupted with a liquid so vile and acidic that my throat is still a little scratchy today. I woke up as it was making its ascent, and I was able to sit up before it could make its way to my nose. Acid in your throat is 10 times better than acid in your throat and nose.

Well, I'm going to spend part of my Valentine's Day at the hospital because we are going to have a new addition to the family arriving soon. My cousin, who I love dearly, is having her baby girl today. I gotta get up and get ready!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!



  1. Congratulations on the new baby girl making her arrival!!

  2. Keep up the good fight! :-) And congrats on the new addition.

    Jennifer @ Pen and Prosper Blog

  3. sometimes, i think maybe this surgery didn't work too well for me. i don't throw up or get heartburn very often. i almost wish i did. i have got to make some drastic changes. i get full, but i don't "feel" my sleeve like i want. i can't go backwards. I just cant.

  4. Pretty cookies.
    Sleeve thing scares the crap out of me. U r a brave woman.
    And acid in your nose sucks. Really.

  5. Vanita, being fat scared me a lot more than the sleeve.


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