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Monday, February 28, 2011

VSG surgery Restaurants and Eating out


Lowest weight to date!

We've been eating out a LOT. Friday was La Madeleine, Saturday wasn't home cooked whatever it was, and yesterday I went to Razzoo's with Headlights and brought food home for the boys. I used to order kids' menu stuff all the time, but none of it is WLS friendly. It's all chicken strips, mac n cheese, french fries, chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc. Now that my elegant and refined palate can no longer bear greasy peasant food, I order something a little more WLS friendly AND palate pleasing and eat on it for a few meals.

So here's a rundown of a few of the things that I've really enjoyed this past week.

The Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad is greeny, leafy goodness! A bed a crisp, romaine lettuce is the backdrop for HUGE shaved pieces of asiago cheese and a spicy, fried chicken breast. A few grape tomatoes dot the landscape, but they don't really add too much to the overall flavor of the salad. The dressing is lemony and delish! It's a really simple salad that brings the ruckus. I've paid a lot more for salads and enjoyed them a lot less. This could have easily been two meals if The Kid hadn't attacked it right along with me.

Genghis Grill:
This is place is AWESOME! Its like the equivalent of Build-A-Bear for grown ups but with a little less fuzz and a lot more protein. You will be equally stuffed! There are more than 10 types of protein, a gazillion different veggies, lots of tasty sauces, and the carbs can be had on the side or not at all. You get your bowl, cram it whatever you like, hand it off to the cook, and you'll have your very own personalized dish delivered to your table. WLS, Atkins, low cal, whatever eating plan you're on, you can make it work at this place.
Good ole GG almost caused the dissolution of my marriage though. The serving size is way more than any WLS person can eat in one setting, so I always have leftovers. One day as I was boxing up said leftovers, PT was like, " Oh good! I can have something else to eat later on!" I of course came back with, " Aw hell naw. Getcho OWN food to go. Don't eat my stuff!" He ordered his own bowl to go and all was well with universe.
After a nap or something, I went into the kitchen to look for my leftovers and they weren't there. I KNEW that PT's greedy ass had eaten my food!!!
pt-  I did eat mine
I was so angry that I wanted to snatch his face off! UGH! I'm getting pissed just thinking about it. lol

Taco Bell:
I don't order anything from here, but the beans. I love these beans! I'm not a calorie counter, but the curious side of me took me over to the nutrition information for The Bell and it's a little surprising. You could have 5 crunchy tacos and still have fewer calories than the Chicken Ranch Salad. Things that make you go hmmm.
I can think of better things to spend 900 something calories on
What do you guys like to eat when you're sitting at home and too lazy to cook on the go?



  1. Chik-fil-a has delicious salads with low-fat vinaigrette dressing. Jason's Deli Nutty Jumbled up salad so freakin' delish, too. I can also get fajitas from taco cabana, sans tortillas. Jack in a crack has good salads, too. i've become really keen on salads and getting creative at restaurants.

  2. LOL @ PT eating YOUR leftovers...omg how RUDE! ;-) B-A-B with less fuzz, ha that is funny! I can make about 6 meals out of my favorite Qdoba Mexican Gumbo (chicken, yes, rice, no.) Love the Ensenada Chicken platter at Red Robin too, I only order 1 breast and save half for another meal.

  3. I am already planning some outtings for absolute "eatery" nxt time i'm there!!!!

  4. We MUST go to Pappadeaux. The redfish is a little filet of heaven.

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