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Thursday, March 31, 2011

VSG surgery Birthdays and Avoidance


Well, first off I'd like to say hello to my new followers! Thank you guys for being here.

the carnage
Three birthday parties in three days! That was what my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday consisted of and it was just all kinds of wrong. Remember my holy and sanctified vow to the Lord Almighty to eschew all things white and buttercreamy? Well that got kicked to the curb faster than a hooker with an extra row of teeth and lockjaw. Ouch. I'm telling you though, by day 3 I was pretty much caked all the way out of the game.
I'm not in any danger of another cake overload because luckily for me there are NO birthdays on the horizon. But what I realized, is that it is not as simple as willpower. I did great with my Lenten promise up until the moment that cake was in my face and I melted like a cheap ass, dollar store candle. Willpower is just the cherry on top. What I need is an arsenal of techniques, tips, and tricks that I can use to help me out when life happens.
Avoidance is a great strategy. If I'm not around something, I'm (usually) not tempted by it. I don't buy sweets or snacks and bring them into my house because I WILL EAT THEM. My friend asked me,"Isn't that the point?" It is if you want to eat them, but I don't.
I don't want to eat them, but I do...hmmm...
The strength of my willpower waxes and wanes from one day to the next and the seductive, siren song of saccharine sweets could take me down like Charybdis. Maybe once my resolve is steeled and readied for battle I can take my foot off of her neck, but...
Right now all I can do is stay away. No crackers, pasta, pastries, cookies, rice, cake, sweets, no nothing. They just cannot even be an option right now.

I will follow up with part 2 tomorrow.



  1. So you had a major bu-cake-ee experience. Not only am I jealous but Im grateful. I cant even be int he same room, let alone three times in a weekend.I patenting "bu-cake-ee" too

  2. Chrissy, you better go get the patent right now cause I'm gonna take it right from under your nose. All I have to do is click "register". I am thisclose.

  3. My "Other" Ten Commandments
    1. crackers
    8-10. no nothing

  4. I know JT. Its not even about my weight. My weight is a lot lower today than it was last week. Its about trying to stay on top of this thing.

  5. a hooker with and extra row of teeth and lockjaw? that hurt me, and I don't even have a penis. I'm WAY to visual.

    I avoid these things like the plague, as well. It's good to know yourself. Me having oatmeal raisin cookies and sour cream and onion potato chips in my house, and THEN saying I won't eat them, is like an alcoholic postin' up at a bar during happy hour, saying he just wants to snack on buffalo wings and sliders. That will last, but only for a little bit.

    Having said that...why come you didn't save me no cake?

  6. Eschelle, I think I'm putting out an all points bulletin for Will Power. He's gone awol!

    "It will last, but only for a little bit" is exactly it, Angel. BTW there actually is some cake left but its hundreds of miles away :)

  7. Mr. Will Power. He comes and goes in my life. Sometimes he is there for me and other times, when I really need him, he seems to have "left the building".

    Hang in there, he's a sneaky fellow!

  8. Thanks MM, Maybe we should chain him to a desk and pour bottles of wine down his gullet so that he can't go anywhere.

  9. Your metaphors are magical. I couldnt stop laughing at the hooker comment :)

    also Bu-cake-ee?! LMAO

  10. I don't think Lawrence Taylor would kick the shark-toothed hooker to the curb... Jus sayin'.

  11. Jenn, you should take bu-cake-ee and use it today in an improper setting. I think I'm going you yell it out at Applebee's.

    Anonymous, you should be like Anonymous M, or what ever your initial. Anyway, don't you know that Lawrence Taylor only chooses his hookers from the TOP of the barrell. He'd want a hooker with a mouth a silky and delectable as The Teacher's...Hookers at the Point, anyone?

  12. I love the way that you put all of your emotions out there. Keep up the good work. I have to tell you that I also follow Shelly (theworldaccordingtoeggface) and she has some amazing recipes and yes she has recipes for cake! You make them with protein power. I have tried them and they are quiet good. I know that you are swearing off carbs. When you get an opportunity check it out. Hope that it helps!

  13. Once I've gotten a better handle on this thing, protein cake is def. something I can make room for. Thanks, Christina.


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