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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VSG surgery Changing Tastes and Lent

??5.4 I think.

My weight is down from what it was yesterday, but it's still not where I'd like it to be. Realistically, it's only a few pounds, but psychologically those few pounds are way bigger than reality. I'm not too far away from another weight milestone and I really, really want to get there soon.

So far, I've done pretty well with my promise to give up sweets for Lent. I did fudge a little and start after the Kid's birthday party, but hey....Anyway, I'm not Catholic so it can't count against me, only for me. I'm hoping that when I'm sent off to meet my Maker, these Lent days will score me some bonus tickets at that great big, cupcake party in the sky. I'm seriously considering giving up a few more carb based goodies, or not so goodies depending on how you see them.

Speaking of not-so goodies, on The Kid's birthday menu, we had nachos and hot dogs on the grill. It was economical, fast, easy to prepare and nasty as all FUCK!! I mean it. I thought that I liked, damn near loved  nachos, but apparently I don't and nobody thought to tell me otherwise. The chips were just ok, but the cheese was just a mouthful of bright orangello, slightly weird smelling, flavorless goop. Ugh! Chili makes everything better. Right? Right? WRONG!!! Now, the bright orangello, slightly weird smelling, flavorless goop is now topped with a watery, brown, flavorless, slightly chunky, meat scented, greasy concoction. Double Ugh!! I think that Wolf brand chili is actually made from mangy wolves...nutsacks and all.
not really. I just LOVE this pic
I'm not really upset about my changing tastes, but I am surprised. One minute I'm knocking back bags of Doritos and iced animal cookies, and the next I'm drinking pinot griiiiiis with my pinky stuck out, wearing lacy gloves while noshing on watercress sandwiches. I's a lady now.


  1. Mmm Mmm Mmm I loves me some wolf nutsacks...

  2. OMGosh thanks for the smile today! I have never heard of "Wolf's" brand, but if I ever run across it I'll be sure to skip it. :-)

  3. That pic is 8 types of funny. Good post.

  4. Sheila, don't ever eat Hormel chili, either. It's made from whores.

    FreeJulie, thanks for stopping by. I like seeing your face around here.

    Anonymous, I just scrolled back up and that pic made me audibly laugh. Not fake internet lolling, but people in the same room looking at me crazy, kinda laughing.

  5. You're funny and I can so relate. Even some of the really healthy food I used to eat prior to surgery makes me gag when I so much as smell it! Cracee, I tell you. Everything is different!

  6. Angel, I'm not sure what part is Sleevie and what part would have happened anyway.

  7. Chili, no matter who made it, is the stuff at the end of being sick.... #Sigh And I used to love it...

  8. Omg I seriously love you. You crack me up. Do you have a post where you keep how much you have lost month by month? I'm on month 5 and I have only lost 3 pounds in the last month! I'm freeeaaaaking out.

  9. @blackberry mama I know. I'm just gonna have to take the time and make it from scratch.

    @anonymous, I used to keep track of that, but with stalls and gains, it got harder to keep up with so I quit. I think I might have a table or something I can download from somewhere though. I'll look for it

  10. You absolutely make me laugh out loud! I look forward to every post you write!

  11. Hilarious! I finally have a desktop. I've been following you on my phone. Iced animal cookies!!! Wow, I don't buy them, but they are good. I enjoy and look forward to reading your blog and you do make me laugh out loud. Richelle

  12. Thanks @findingtheweigh and @richelle!

  13. smh
    obviously no male couterpart posters dare touching this one at this time. Since I'm mostly dificult, I guess I will!

  14. JT, I should have known that you'd be the one to go there!


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