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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

VSG surgery Isopure Grape Frost Review

I was perusing the aisles of GNC yesterday when I came across this bottle containing concoction of the loveliest shade of ditch water purple. It was in the protein aisle, so my curiosity made me pick up. Curiously enough, my curosity also makes me kill cats, too so this is way better than felinicide. The fur gets EVERYWHERE and its hell to get out of my hair! Anyway............It's ISOPURE!  I'd heard of Isopure a few times in the WLS community and on forums, but I'd never tried it myself cause I was scared of it. Early out, I tried both Beneprotein and protein bullets and those things are God awful. Like raunchy, bovine ass on a hot day kinda nasty. Since that gustatory sucker punch, I've been kind of wary of clear or supposedly flavorless protein.

Here are the facts:
Almost 5 bucks a bottle-4.99 to be exact
20 fluid ozs
160 calories
40 grams of protein
55mg calcium
80mg sodium 
45mg potassium

Here is my 2 cents:
For 40 grams of protein, the taste is pretty good. The flavor is light and not particularly overpowering, but you can tell that you're not just drinking a Propel. A slight aftertaste rears its head, but that's pretty much par for the course with all protein supplements. There is a slight acidic tang which isn't bad at all.
The biggest negative for me is the after-feel. I guess the sensation would be akin to biting into a banana peel or having a dose of alum. My mouth was puckery feeling and I got the tingles in my------>"right here" Can you see where I'm pointing? Can you? Technically, it is in the area of my masseter muscle, but I like calling it my "right here".
All in all, I think that it is a nice change of pace if you're looking for a protein supplement. Grape Frost Isopure is whey (bum dum ching) better than a lot of other options and it is packed with protein. Its a bit pricey for me, and you know I love my shakes, but I would buy another day.



  1. These are what I drink every day for extra protein. I usually drink half of one in the afternoons as a snack. My favorite flavors are Blue Raspberry, Peach and Grape. The only one I don't like is Banana

  2. i love the description as ditch water purple. that's awesome.

  3. @Raven, I don't ever think I'd assault my taste buds with banana. It sounds dangerous.

    @Deeds I just looked up at the bottle again and laughed at the description

  4. Lol! Shortly after surgery, I went back to my GNC, desperate to find another alternative to the shakes. Before surgery, LOVED the shake, after...not so much.

    I found the Isopures, and in my overzealousness, which is how I got obese in the first damn place, I bought like 5 bottles, thinking, "Oh HELL yeah, I'm SO NEVER drinking those protein shakes again...SUCKAS!!!"

    Got home, got them frosty, hours later when the family was noisily drinking their cold glasses of Cherry Kool Aid, I popped open a bottle, the blue one, I forget its name.

    Nowadays I realize that being only about 3 weeks out from surgery at the time, NOTHING would taste good...

    I might try it again. You know, cuz I used to be a food rapist.

  5. Im tryin to switch it up as I have to say I have gotten into the bad habit of iced latte daily.... (hangin head in shame, known better).... that oh what are they? Oh yeah, empty fricken calories, that do not and I mean do not aide in the help of weightloss, which oh by the way is the big reason I had the damn surgery... I think I need to schedule a appointment for therapy to work on my denial.... but then I remembered, Im a licensed counselor and oh yeah.... its a conflict of interest..... Pardon my biting sarcasm..... and on to a nicer subject, Ladies, what type of protein shakes do you drink, please give me feed back and guidences to get back on track..... Much love, Kait

  6. @blackberrymama You should try it again. A few people have told me that actually adding a few sprinkles of real kool aid does the trick.

    @kait Come to my FB page and the Gastric Sleeve Support Group on FB and you will meet a ton of supportive people. As far as protein shakes, my favorite ready to drink shakes ae Muscle Milk and Premier. I used to be an Atkins girl before surgery, but not so much since. If coffee is your thing, you might want to try out Click. Good Luck.

  7. You guys kill really...if this kills me you're in trouble!

    Im gonna try it because , like you said, for 40 friggin grams of protein I would blo... up balloons all day....sorry kids.

  8. Yo! 40 grams of protein is INSANE!! If you're in the ball...oon blowing spirit, swing by my house and help me get ready for The Kid's birthday party.

  9. I think I could rock that...40 grams of protein can't be beat.

  10. I know, Angel. That number is something serious!

  11. Hmm...I used to love me some Kool Aid...thinking about it. I'm gonna wait until next month though, when I can buy it 1st week discount for GNC members.

  12. I like isopure. I usually keep a few canisters of different flavors but i have never tried the fruity flavors like this one you have as far as the powders go. I have tasted the fruity ones cold in the bottle like this though and agree that they are pretty decent for what you need them for.

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