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Friday, April 1, 2011

VSG surgery Birthdays and Avoidance part 2


Now that I'm on day 5 of my low carb sojourn, the cries of pastries and other snacks begging to be put out of their misery now a  fading sound. It's there but it isn't the shrill violin solo in the symphony of my day. It is more just a dull, roaring hum in the background. I think that I'll do ok today. 

How the hell do you go to a birthday party and avoid cake? Isn't that kinda like expecting to go to a drag show and avoiding glitter, gayness, and Gaga? Methinks. Seriously though, how do you handle that?
Do you not go?....Antisocial
Do you leave the building and take a walk while everyone else is enjoying the festivities?....A little weird
Do you demand that no cake be served in your presence because you are God's gift?....Mariah
Are you able to just say no?

If you do say no or make other food choices, how do the people around you handle that? For the most part the people in my life are supportive, but...
I started low carbing while still on my trip and I made a big ass pan on enchiladas for the family. I made the kid's plates, and I don't quite remember what happened next, but I do remember this conversation pretty well.
Family Member R- Aren't you gonna eat?
Me- Yeah in a little bit.
Family Member R- Well go ahead and fix you a plate.
Me- I can't eat that.
Family Member R- What do you mean you can't eat that, you fixed it.
Me-I am focusing on getting in my protein first, so that means I can't eat that. I have to eat protein.
Family Member R- Haven't you lost enough weight? You're always trying to do too much? Now you're on a diet? *shaking her head*
Me- I'm just doing what I need to do to take care of me.

I'll eat THIS
Like I've said before, for the most part my family is majorly supportive, but little dialogues like these just irritate the fuck out of me. A fellow WLS blogger Blackberry Mama had a conversation about this just the other day. When you take a stand about what you do and don't put in your body, people look at you a little funny. She told somebody, " I don't eat that" and they in turn told her that she should say " I can't eat that." I told somebody that I don't eat Kraft macaroni and cheese, not because I can't, because I don't. Well the truth of it is, unless you're throat closingly, get the epi pen, allergic to something you CAN. Its your body, my body, whoeverthehell's body and nobody is owed and explanation about your food restrictions. Period......But I find myself feeling a little uncomfortable with the looks or the thoughts that I think they're thinking. I don't want to be some food snob, but.....I just want to be normal and enjoy a normal meal like a normal person. Is that even possible. Hell, I don't know anything.

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  1. This may sound like punishing myself but I take over serving the cake at parties or helping the kids with theirs. Taking pictures or cleaning up napkins/plates. Since I have 2 kids of my own I just look like a clean freak very attentive mom (I'm not) and no one notices. When someone ask me about food I just turn it back around to them. "Why are you eating so little?" "I'm not that hungry but your plate looks fantastic! Do you like it?" As always your blog is my fav! Please keep your writting up!


  2. I didn't have a single cupcake at my son's first birthday party, and I don't think anyone noticed. I did what Southernsleever did...I cleaned up and served instead. If anyone were to ask, I'd just say I wasn't hungry. No big deal. Congrats on staying focused and don't let silly convos like that get to you!

  3. I didn't have any cake at my grandson's (yes I have a grandson, don't look at me that way, I'm only 43!) first birthday party in August. It helped that it was less than 2 weeks after my surgery and I was SO not hungry which was good because I was on liquids anyway, LOL. Nobody paid any attention. My in-law did ask me if I wanted some ice cream but I managed to pass on that.

    You don't need to be a food snob, though. Most people understand passing on things like cake or just eating a small bite or two (watching my calories is always a good excuse). The majority of people aren't paying that close attention, though, has been my experience.

  4. Well said! I used to worry about coming off as a snob when I said things like, "I don't eat rice." I know why I don't, and now that's enough for me. The trouble is that the foods we choose to eat now, healthier versions of our former diets, forces everyone to examine their own habits. And how fun is that? It's like smokers being made to attend a quit smoking group, being led by their best friend who used to smoke! Pow!

  5. I love the clean up and server idea. I can do that, I already do.

    Oh and "Fuck em"

  6. SouthernSleever, Eve, and Greatgastrectomy, that is actually a really great idea!. And GG, you're right, most of the time people aren't paying attention, but all it takes is that ONE.

    BlackBerry Mama, I definitely think that your comment is on the money...crabs in a pot.

    Where would I be without you Dear Chrissy and your profanity laced elucidations. :)

  7. I'll eat a slice of cake at a party though, a small sliver. Just enough unti the sugar is annoying. For me, that's about 4 bites in.


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