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Thursday, April 14, 2011

VSG surgery Caterpillars and Running

??? NO idea what my weight is but it's def in the comfortable zone.

Why hello new follower! I totally heart new followers.

This is not an umbrella. It is a death deflector!

This week has been exhausting but I am thisclose to resuming a life that a little bit closer to my normal. Remember, I said my normal. My normal means walking around with umbrellas on bright and sunny days because I'm afraid that death is going to rain down on me. And by death, I mean CAAAATERPILLARS!!!!!!!! I'm shuddering as I type this. I don't know why the hell God made such horrifically disgusting, squiggly, fear inducing creatures. I mean, are they really necessary? Why haven't the Japanese come up with some suitably advanced technology that can just replace these...these....things.  They gave us Godzilla, Karaoke, Ramen noodles, and the Easy Beautiful Butt Cushion. They've got to find a way to make my life better....and life better for the legions of drivers who will have to slam on their brakes because I've run kicking and screaming right into traffic cause a caterpillar fell on me.

My eating has been SO on point since my parents have been here. I think that this is the first time ever that I haven't buckled in and eaten any of the endless number of sweets that parade into my house when they are here. There have been two strawberry cakes, a carrot cake, a bread pudding, and countless scoops of Braums's ice cream that have managed to disappear with no help from me. I'm on my roll so strong, I'm thinking about not having any sweets until my birthday. Hell maybe not even then if PT can make me a meat cake.
Meat cake!!!!
 Today I had a muscle milk for breakfast, a few handfuls of pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds), two chicken wings, a few baby carrots and ranch, a string cheese, 2 or 3 sf popsicles, and I don't think I've had much else, Hmmmm doesn't really seem like a lot of food for the day. Oh well. Some days I eat less, and some days I eat like a rabid, zombie cow in the a middle of Kansas plain on a hot Spring day...foamy slobbering not excluded.

Anway I'm thisclose to being back to normal, but it doesn't start tomorrow. I've got a pretty busy day so I'm gonna wrap this up and take my ass to bed.



  1. Oh, I think caterpillars are cute. Now butterflies...yuck! ; )

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. .."some days I eat like a rabid, zombie cow in the a middle of Kansas plain on a hot Spring day...foamy slobbering not excluded."

    I hear you!!! LMAO

  4. That's awesome you stayed away from all the sweets! I also like the zombie cow description!

  5. I hope that as you're reading this, things are really normal and that there's not one caterpillar in site. thanks so much for being you. you are such an inspiration to me!

  6. lady you are doing an amazing job! i could never deal with all that sweet walking its way through my house.
    um, why the heck or should i ask how the heck to you have caterpillars falling from the sky? i've never heard of that. gosh, gives me the willies. only thing i hate more are centipedes. talk about nasty and useless

  7. I commented on all of your comments but they disappeared. :( I'm gonna re-comment today.


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