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Saturday, April 30, 2011

VSG surgery Costco and Chicken

Sans Script Saturday

The Kid stuck this fake eyelash right in the middle of my eyelid so I could look beautiful.

Chicken salad made with Costco rotisserie chicken. Recipe next week!
Great low carb crackers. Review coming soon!


  1. Oh girl, you look hot!! Did you imagine you'd look so good when you started this journey? No, you thought you'd settle for somewhere slightly less than where you were, but look at you now!!

  2. Never in a million years did I think I would be the size I am now. Its a great feeling.

  3. Work it, baby! You look do look wonderful!

  4. You look fantastic and you really know how to hilight your best features that itty bitty waist and hourglass body (or as hubby would say nice ass n boobs!)


  5. Daaaang! Look at you! I love your dress...chocolate is one of my favorite colors. Yes, that Costco chicken salad rocks. I have never dared to look at the calorie count (I haven't eaten it since being sleeved, or I probably would have looked.) Where did you get the crackers?

  6. Funny that you would post that pic of the falsie, I mention my eyelashes in my new YouTube vid...

    You DO look good come here often...? *shuffle shuffle wink wink*

  7. @Angel Why thank ya, ma'am

    @Southersleever lol. nothing wrong at all with a little t-n-a. :)

    @Sheila I hardly ever look at the calorie count of anything. I might be smaller than I am now if I did. lol. That chicken salad was my very own recipe. I'll tell you abt the crackers later this week *wink*

    @bbm I have no idea where he found that eyelash. I mean, its mine and it was in the house, but I only pull them out for special occasions and that is like NEVER! ....and I do come her quite often. Pull up a seat and buy me a rum-n-diet :)

  8. You look amazing! totally inspiring!


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