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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VSG surgery Feet and Ground


Wow! I just did some rithmatic in mah head and I've managed to lose 8.2 lbs since March 31. Now that's what I call winning!  That's a lot of weight, especially since I am so close to my goal.

I've been so busy that I've been having to make time in my own schedule for myself, but I guess that's part of being a grown up.  I've been penciling my own self in, but I'm expected to stop what I'm doing for others? Mmmm....No......Another part of being a grown up is learning to carve out boundaries for yourself. It's a process, but I am starting to learn that the magnetic poles of the Earth don't suddenly realign just because I say "No!" I'm a wife, a mother, a blogger, a spy for the Guamian  government  (not to be confused with Guam), Boris Kodjoe's part time lover, full time hand model,  I am one busy gal! Nobody is going to look out for me (or Boris' secret, "yes mama" spot) but me, so I gotta put my foot down, stand my ground and say "No."

Today my neighbor told me that she was coming over to my house so that I could help her find a new place to stay and find a venue that held 500-600 people.
"No you're not. My house is a mess and I need to get it together before I do anything else." PERIOD! And that's exactly what I did....and I didn't feel an iota of guilt about it. In fact, it gave me a tingly sensation in my loins, but I think that is a topic best kept hush-hush. This is a family blog after all.

Say it with me, "NNNNNNOOOOOOOO"
I think I'm just gonna start saying no to erthang!!
You feel like shopping for curtains?...No

Can you pick me up from the bus stop?... No

Would you mind if I used your wifi?...No...(well that doesn't really work)

Can you take me to the emergency room?...No!
Really I'm about to black out...No!
Can you help me....please...I'm losing blood...No!
Ambulance Driver-Ma'am can you move out of the way?....No!
Police Officer-I'm gonna need to see your id...No!
You're obstructing justice, have a failure to render aid, and you didn't yield to the ambulance..No!
What do you mean no?....No!
Ok, I've had enough, put your hands behind your back...No!

And now I'm a millionaire! Oh yeah, I skipped the part where Al Sharptongue and the ACLU came to my rescue, I was on CNN, and I sued the entire country of Guamia and WON!.

Just say no, people. Just say no.
Not to reproduced without my written permission. This is high art and I put a lot of time into it.


  1. You know...I'm learning this more and more daily. Today, this guy from another department asked me to pull together something for his interviews. i told him that it was consultant work and told him NO...unless he paid me. I don't give my services away for free. i just don't.

  2. First: You're a dented woman.

    Second: This is valid. Fortunately, I don't have that issue much. Probably because most of the time I look the part, hair all over the place, eyes lookin' all wild, children hangin' off my limbs, don't you DAY-AH ask me for a favor!

    Good post, a great reminder that my #WLS was one of the few decisions I've made that was all about ME, and I wanna keep it that way.

  3. Thanks for my daily dose of laughter.

    And saying NO is huge...there is victory in being able to put YOUR OWN NEEDS before those of others!

  4. Duh, winning!! Way to go, girlie, and I loved this post. :)

  5. I must say this is a daily challenge for me. It is a short, simple word, however it is very difficult for me to use it. Unfortunately those around me know it and play me like a fiddle. I have to keep this in the forefront of my mind or I over extend myself and end up angry at myself. In my case, I feel my culture has something to do with it, I am not supposed to put my needs before anyone else or it is considered "selfish"...

  6. I've had to use this more and more recently. I clean homes for a living and people ask for extras all the time. "Can you sweep my drive way?" "Can you do my laundry?" "Will you make my kid lunch?" I just tell them that I will drop off an addition price sheet and that usually squashes all that jazz. I wonder if these people go in for a pedicure and ask for a free mani. I doubt it! OOOHHH and my Sister-in-law that wants me to give her 800 for property taxes on my in-law's home. The one that her and hubby were going to clean out but she wants to sort through and keep every little thing for over a year. DON'T THINK SO! If it were up to me we'd turn that trash heap up over a dumpster and shake the shit out of it. I'm not paying cause you want to savor your my little ponies from 1980. Ugh, I'm on a rant roll today.


    Southern Sleever

  7. @Angel, I dont give anything away anymore. I am taking a stand right now! PT, you gotta pay what you weigh, homebody. lol

    @Sheila, it is a huge victory indeed

    @FreeJulie, Thanks :D

    @Amelia, I hope that in all things you do you are able to find your balance. As women, we a nurturing by nature, so its hard to do something different *hugs*

    @Southern Sleever Does your price list include a Rub-n-Tug *wink-wink*

    @BBM I think the only thing that I would ask you to do would be to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! lmao

    @Jenn Thanks, hon! Cracked up is FAR better than cracked out...ask Whitney

  8. HEHEHE this was too funny! Dont go getting arrested please! We need you here lol.

  9. @OtherJenn I be arrested for long. Its for the greater good

  10. i am a staunch no'er. i'm serious, ask me to do something and i'll say no. have the audacity to ask me "why" and you'll hear "b/c I don't wanna"

    sometimes (all the time) you have to choose YOU

  11. @deeds. Thanks for commenting on this post. I think I needed a reminder to start out this new week.


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