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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

VSG surgery Product Review Adjust-a-Button......and Giveaway!


I was perusing the aisles of one of my favorite stores when I stumbled across this package right here. I'd seen these snazzy doohickeys before on an infomercial ( thank you Dish Network and your sucky channel lineup), but I didn't really pay much mind to them. I watch infomercials for comedy and besides, they were running around 20 bucks. My inner Scrooge McDuck would never let me pay that much money for two tiny ass pseudo buttons that may or may not work. Imagine my surprise when I found them for ONE greenback. Eight buttons for one dollar?! My, my, my what a wonderful day.

I have lots of pants that are too big in the waist, but one particularly offensive pair just happens to be one of my favorites. They're denim skinny jeans and I can easily grab one and a half handfuls in the waist and I'm pulling them up all the time. My t-rexes hold them up so I'm really in no danger of having an assgate scandal, but still its not really all that sexy. Anyway, I figured what the hell and popped one into the waistband of mis pantalones.

After. Still a bit big in the waist, but that's my genes, not AaB
These pants don't actually have a zipper, so that made the adjustment ability of the button less than ideal. That crease in the middle of my shirt is from the fabric of the jeans buckling in.Overall though, I give them an A. The AaB held up all day even with repeated trips to the bathroom. This product is a total score. SCHWING!!! This isn't a button. This is a tiny, little sweat shop filled with elves, seamstresses, and chock full of child labor violations. It works hard for the mon-ay!!!!

I love them so much that I am giving away 1 package to 2 readers. They're great for losing weight, gaining weight, or just tweaking the fit of pants that are juuust not right, so ANYONE can enter. All you have to do is leave a comment. It's that simple! An extra entry can be earned by spreading the love on twitter or FB.

Happy commenting!



  1. This is exactly what I need !
    -100 pounds this morning !!

  2. THis is exactly what i need !
    -100 pounds this morning !!

  3. My problem isn't the waist of jeans, it is the saggy ass. Do they make a button for that?

  4. I always wondered if those worked! BTW - new reader here. Love your blog! I am hoping to get VSG this fall, your progress is so inspiring.


  5. I wonder if those would work on kids jeans? Very cool!

  6. That is SO NEAT! YOU would find something like that for ONE greenback!!

  7. @peeved michelle Girl the are selling fake ass at beauty stores in the hood. For real. lol

    @kari grats!

    @jojo thank you so much, y'alls comments mean more to me than you know

    @lucy you are oficially hooked up

    @mm I don't see why they wouldn't

    @lilsis ♫ tell me what you know about me ♫ ♫

  8. For my size - my waist is ridiculously small compared to my a**. These would be perfect for me, thin or heavy. I'd LOVE one. Thanks for the heads up on this cool product!

  9. awesome!!! :) i will need it after my vsg, right ;) :)!!!

  10. Sure could use these, cannot afford new clothes and my coworkers are in danger of getting flashed!

  11. If it hadn't been about 20 years since I could wear pants that buttoned on the front, I'd be all over it cause those things look serious. Imma get there, though. I can't wait until I HAVE TO buy some of these. Good lookin' out. Love ya, girl!

  12. I've looked at those before because I have always had problems with the waist of my britches being way too loose when I get them to fit my tush. Even "no gap" pants (they lie like rugs!) gap on me. Thanks for the review! I'll keep my eyes open now.

    P.S. I too love infomercials. I'm addicted to them, in fact. I never buy anything from them, but love to watch the over-the-top oohing and aahing. :-)

  13. @lowcarbband-it good luck. You are officially entered
    @lisa- you will need them :)
    @jody- please, don't have an assgate scandal. lol
    @angel- You are the awesomest and you will be there before you know it! I'll give you some of my buttons :)
    @kelshei Hopefully you'll win!

  14. Never, NEVER spend the ridiculous amount of money on something from an infomercial because sooner or later it ends up at the Dollar Store. HA!! Glad you found something that works. And I had to think long and hard about the no zipper thing. Are they like the Pajama Jeans (?), which I'm sure will no doubt one day soon be at the Dollar Store/Target/Ross!

  15. Was wanting to try these myself (since I have SO many things they would hopefully work on) :)

  16. I neeeeeeeeeed this in my Life. Whom ever made this should be a freak'n Kabillionare!!!!! It gives you that Curvy Waist Look that we ladies love so much!

  17. This looks awesome, I would save a ridiculous amount of money not having to buy new clothes!

  18. I just like free stuff! Count me in!

  19. @sheila these are just skinny jeans SO skinny that there isn't room for a zipper.
    @Tess, Shalon, Deanna, and BBM you are all entered! Good luck

  20. You ought to dependably keep the review as target as conceivable taking a gander at all parts of the product.

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