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Thursday, April 7, 2011

VSG surgery Shrinking and Weights


Hi new follower!

I've been running around like a hopped up rooster with its head cut off. Jeez. No rest for the wicked, indeed! I've been in a never ending loop of Driving Miss Daisy, chauffeuring my mama from place to place without rest. I was at Walmart at one something in the morning supposedly to get batteries for the stud finder (another of her projects) and we ended up looking for picture frames, curtains, and tiebacks for more than an hour. Really, Mama? This woman can shop....and turn a house from a shack into a chateau. The Black Martha Stewart-Daisy and I have been traversing the metroplex with The Kid in tow EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE from Home Goods, Ross, Kirklands, Ikea, The Salvation Army, JC Penney, Wally World, the flea market, NorthPark Mall. I mean I have been there and back and I am pooped.

I feel like a toothless, dayshift stripper working at the Pregnant Sow Saloon and Truck Stop- tired and wore the fuck out. Even still, I've been managing to go to the gym regularly. I've been hitting the weights like they owe me money and its really paying off! I can see myself shrinking before my eyes. I don't know how much longer this gymthusiasm will last, so I'm just gonna ride this train until it comes to a halt....I hope its not the local. :)

This is a short and sweet post, but I'm gonna leave you with a progress pic.


  1. I am reminded, ok? Weights, check! I swear, I'ma cop me some! It's just that tonight I'm pooped too. Long week at work, I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow, maybe I'll get in a workout then?

  2. Get one in tomorrow and you'll be glad that you did :)

  3. So true...there's nothing like that kind of pain...even when it seems like you can't go any further. Thre's nothing like it.

  4. Heyy Waning Woman!!!!
    Please send me a shallow dosage of your Gymthusiasm Please

  5. WOW Your progress pic is AMAZING!! It's official: I hate you now. LOL

  6. :) You look great - such a beautiful hourglass figure! I'm an apple. Sigh.

  7. @Eve @Freejulie Thanks for the compliments. I've been putting in a lot of work!

    @Bigjtmoney2k I can send you a big dose. The postage will be the same so you might as well get the big one

  8. Oh my.... you are looking AWESOME!!! WOW.

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