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Thursday, April 21, 2011

VSG surgery Star potential and sneezing

??6.4 137.6 lbs lost to date yesterday

??6.0 138 lbs lost to date!

Standing on furniture like I aint got no home training
(I started this blog post yesterday and my throat is still scratchy)

Today my throat is scratchy and Sleevie is definitely feeling off. The feeling is not quite nausea, but just about on the verge of being there. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's all of the tree spunk in the air,maybe it's the wildfires, maybe I'm still recovering from Hurricane Mama, but whatever it is, I feel worn down and blah. BUT, I've not let all of this blah swimming around in my existence drown my gym mojo. I don't know why or how it's holding up, but I'm certainly not going to start questioning it now.

Roll out the red carpet, get my botox ready, and arrange my "vacay" at the Cirque Lodge cause I's finna be a star. Can you see my name on a dry erase board in bright lights?? Can you? Can you? Well, my surgeon has asked me to be in a video for his website! ME?!?! I am always surprised and a little more than pleased when people tell me that I've done amazingly well or that I inspire them. In my head, I'm like "I'm just me." In all seriousness, I really do feel like that. But any sort of modesty is short lived because my inner Beyonce resides just a few neurons away from my modesty center and that huzzy is always ready to bust out in a blaze of 22 inch 1b/27 yaki, 6 inch heels, and sequins, all the while yodeling "I'm that bitch!!!" Of course they want me. I'm faaaaah-bulous!

But filming isn't going to be until later this summer so I'm not a star...yet. Until then, I'll be picking out my own outfits, getting my own coke, kissing my own ass, and cleaning my own kitchen, Which is exactly what I'm going to get up and do before PT fires me and hires a woman who doesn't leave hair all over the house and who mates up his socks AND puts them away. Housework beckons,...uuuugggggggh


  1. This may be a repeat. Computer acting crazy. Anyway, good looking! Your legs are rocking!

  2. You look fantastic!!! How long have you been going at it at the gym? I could only wish for your results!


  3. @Richelle its the t-rex dna that I have in my legs.

    @SoutherSleever I guess I've been seriously going to the gym since the end of Feb. There've been some out of town trips that have thrown me off, but I've been pretty good about it this go round.

    @Deeds MMMUAH!

  4. When you become a big time star....don't forget about my list! ; ) You are looking hot lady! Way to go!

  5. I can't wait to get my gym goin mojo .....not there right now due to an over booked agenda! But you look awesome! Can't wait to get there.

  6. Dude, I'm suckin' on a Ricola right nah, and yes, it works. My throat is sufficiently soothed.

    I just WANT SOME TIME to go hit a gym somewhere. The elephant feet give me some excuse, but not much. Everyday that it gets warmer is a reminder to me that pretty soon I will have to unveil these droopy arms to the world, and then I will be forced to hear the laughter of everyone on my block...

  7. That picture should have been a video with you doing the booty shake to "Crazy In Love" ...oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh" are looking good, girl...keep us posted on the vid-yo!

  8. I am so pleased to be able to entitle Waning Woman "MY FRIEND" You have been a leading light for me from the foundation of my own expedition. I like to think that I had something to do with your success. Here's why. Had I not been able to hold up to 2liters+ of fabulous eatery in my natural born eatery depository with the graciousness of a King Size Love Seat on a Sunday post Church after dinner, then you may not have been appointed with your tasks today. You may have just been a lil skinchy chic with dull vernacularisms. But as fate would have it, there was something that I needed in my life to start making things work for me. So God saw fit to chose you to go through your thing just so that you would end up being that stop along my journey that would be able to give me the right directions. (See how I made your light shine for the both of us?) LOL, Now, shudes, your shine is touchin the globe. Keep on doing what you do, keep on looking forward and press as hard as you can,lotsa folks go through the motions of "wanting" things to happen. You are living and breathing everything you want this to become and your inspiration comes through on all sides, So as I thank God for my friend, I want to encourage you to keep doing what you do. It helps more than you know.

  9. @MM I could NEVER forget about your list. That list i more important than Craig's

    @Callie When you find your mojo, just ride it until the brakes fall off!

    @bbm is anybody on the block laughs at you, you know that all youhave to do is call the calvary and we will come through BLAZING!! GEt you some small weights and use them at home :) then you can throw them at people who laugh.

    @Angel giirl, do not get me riled up. I have absolutely no decency. lol

    @JT you are going to make me cralugh. Your humor is sickening and your heartfelt words are genuine. Thank you for being here.


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