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Thursday, April 28, 2011

VSG surgery Tucking and cupcakes


tuck game proper!!! Come Carmen!
Did any of you watch RuPaul's Drag Race? This is the first season that I saw in its entirety and I absolutely hearted it. The last episode got eaten by the DVR monster and I didn't get to see it, but Raja, the high fashion Ka-ween chaunted off with the crown. This is a shade free zone, so I will give props were props are due and I will tell you that he went all Freddy Kruger and slayed the other girls, but he wasn't my fave. I liked the giggling, squealing, English language butchering, Yara Sofia. But, it was no surpise that Raja was gonna win. If you didn't know that, you must have been hiding in that special gilded place where Carmen Carrera keeps her family jewels carefully ensconced.

Enough about the art of genital tucking, lets talk about how I tucked these cupcakes up in my mouf last night!! I cracked y'all. I cracked. I don't feel baaad about it, but its just a realization. It's nothing Earth shattering or even novel for that matter cause I've said 523,600 times. Its a constant battle. Sometimes I'm the aggressor, sometimes there is an uneasy truce, sometimes I'm just getting my my ass handed to me by a fucking cupcake. Who gets iketurnered by a sugary, fucking, confection? That's not gangsta in the slightest bit.

Back to tucking. I will be tucking some goodies in a box and giving them to one of my lucky FB fans. If you're not a fan of the page, you SO should be. Check me out right here FB and like me. I like it when you like me, like I like really like like it when you like like me *in my best big haired, 80's, Heather voice*. So just do it!


  1. My poor husband...he thought that was a...well. he was suprised. i got iketurnered by a donut at work. the worst thing about it was that it was NASTY...i've decided that if I'm gonna take a foray into the sugary MUST be for something certified DELICIOUS!

  2. Exactly, Angel. If its not delicious, then there is no point.

  3. i just discovered drag race and i triple love it. carmen does have a hot body but is very um...vacant otherwise. i love manilla!

    i want to go on Drag U so bad i could spit.


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