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Saturday, April 23, 2011

VSG surgery Working Out and Legs


Sans Script Saturday
My big ass leg. This is before I even set foot in the gym..for you Christal
Does this plug make me look fat?
These shoes make me look fast!!! You guys know the truth.
I'm done


  1. it must be nice to see your muscles...

  2. see, them don't look like t-rex legs to me...get it, girl! i know it must feel really nice to "see" your muscles!

  3. close up it looks like a well defined bicep!
    Niiiice! Keep it up Waning!!

  4. When I saw the muscle again after losing weight that was a huge moment for me. But are you sure that they're not t-rexes?

    I guess it kinda does look like that, JT. lol

  5. you are looking HOT woman! i love those sneaks :)

  6. Thanks, Jenn. Honestly, they are cuter on my feet since I lost weight


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