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Monday, May 23, 2011

VSG Surgery BBGC and Support groups


My weight is up some, but eh, what the hell. Life happens and it WILL keep happening.

How was your weekend? How exciting! Oh, so how did that laundry folding go? Good, I'm glad that you didn't drop a red sock in with the whites this time. Oh, how was myyyy weekend? Thanks for asking....

It was the best weekend EVER!

I'd been up all night on Friday playing the Sims doing lots of fabulous things so I was a wee bit tired when the morning rolled around. After a flurry of outfit changes...corset? NO.....latex? NO.... I was finally out of the door. I knew where I was going, but the city of Dallas decided to shut down an entire freeway so that threw me further behind. UGH! When I finally made it to the spot, I knew it HAD to be the spot, because it was the right address. But, it didn't feel like the spot. There were lots of old men and trains and not a sign in sight or pink and black balloons telling me where I was going. I went around to another door, and I was like fuck it, I'm just gonna go in. If I get attacked by an old man in a conductor hat and overalls, then I guess that's just life. Then I saw signs with arrows. Oooh, I was getting close. After what walking for what seemed like an hour, I opened the door and was at the inaugural meeting of the North Texas BBGC!

There were no women with horns and pitchforks.
Is it God or a simple confectionery delight?

There were no small children being sacrificed to the Cupcake Gods ( how else do you think they can eat all of the CRAP and live to tell about it?!)

There was no crazy couch jumping or thetan scanners. 

There was just a circle of people with different stories to tell. Pretty much like you'd imagine any other support group. It was the first RL wls support group that I'd been and I loved it. Nobody was there gushing about how AMAAAAZING their surgeon was, or how utterly FANTAAASTIC post wls life is, or how much of a GEEEEENIUS their nutritionist was. Just real people with real issues, real concerns. Nobody was blowing anything up anybody's ass. BUT, in the parking lot I overheard the perky ass blower on the phone telling her perfect husband that she didn't think she was in the right spot cause there were no PINK AND BLACK BALLOONS!!! and that she was going to come back home and just make an expensive organic brunch for her perfect family instead. Besides, she didn't wanna get paid in Click and rubber bracelets.  Anyway....There was fellowship, laughter...overuse of AMAAAAAZING coming......AMAAAAAAAZING sugar free cupcakes, and an AMAAAAAAZING group of people. I will SO do it again.

At the meeting, I met a blog follower! She didn't know who I was, but she was certain that I looked familiar to her. She just couldn't shake the feeling that she knew me from somewhere. We continued talking and I bragged mentioned that I was the world renowned, Pulitzer prize winning, spoken word Grammy nominated, blogging sensation also known as Waning Woman.  Then she gasped, " Oh my God! That's where I know you from. I follow your blog but I never comment. I recognized your body." That was an AMAAAAAAZING feeling. I was school girl on the back of the school bus after an away football game kinda giddy. Oh wait......sorry, that's slutty........When say that I am always genuinely happy to meet you guys, I mean it. I still haven't been able to fully absorb this whole *waving hands around* thing, but I love it. I've said this before, but I'm gonna say it again, you guys really do mean a lot to me. Whether you're a follower, and thanks for following cause I HAVE noticed, or a quiet lurker, thank you for sharing this with me.

Well, I'm gonna go and just finish up the rest of my BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!! post another day.

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  1. I am so happy to hear you had such a wonderful time! I am looking forward to the M&G next month in A.C. for us East Coast girls. I checked the list of attendees and I don't know any of them so I am a little anxious about walking in alone. Hopefully, I will have an experience similar to yours. Then we need to figure out a way to get ALL of us together in the same place for one HUGE M&G. Wouldn't that be fun?

  2. Oh, and P.S.

    I want to borrow your shoes!

  3. It was cool meeting you!! I am always happy to meet real genuine people who don't blow smoke up your skirt. I look forward to many more meetings with the whole group as well!!

  4. @hearthspider If I had the money, I'd traipse all over the country meeting poeple. I know for SURE that we would have a blast. I've had said this many, many times before-i don't know how to act!....I want to wear those shoe to Costco today. :)

    @MstJ Its only gonna get better. For our very first meeting, it was pretty freaking great. I heart you

  5. I'm disappointed! No horns and pitchforks? No sacrificing to the cupcake gods? You mean these were all a bunch of really nice women and not EVIL?

    *grins* Love ya lady. Glad you guys had such a good time. I really want to try to set up a BBGC group in my area in Maryland.

  6. I wish they'd have some over this way...I might actually show up. I like hangin' with the peeps! Glad you had a wonderful time. Is that where you wore those shoes that were FIYAH!!!! I'm kinda jealous that they met you and I haven't. It's cool, doe.

  7. I actually forgot my pitchfork. Sorry to disappoint!

    It wouldn't have been the same without you! <3 you! Can't wait to see you on the 11th!

  8. Glad you had a great weekend. I did too!!

  9. COOL! I love my followers too but meeting in PERSON, now that is better than cake (or at least real close to it!) I have attended plenty of my surgeon's RL support groups and have only run accross one other sleever. Someday there will be an army...

  10. Man, I want a BBGC meeting in Godforsaken Ohio too! Surely someone else out there is stuck in this cesspool with me?

    <----- Totally Jealous.

  11. @greatgastrectomy You should! I think we need more support groups like the bbgc

    @Angel Funny thing is, it doesn't even feel like I never met you. That's a blessed thing.

    @Shana I can't wait for the 11th! You do know that this chick won't be running with you, right? I'll be there in spirit

    @eve great weekends should happen more often

    @Sheila I've met more than a few of my followers. They say, " I can't believe you wanted to meet me," and I say "I can't believe you wanted to meet ME!"

    @Kate If not, save your simoleons and head out here to TX. You will have a blast.


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