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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

VSG surgery Grazing and Stress


Yesterday at around 1:00, my electricity was cut off. I had to drive to Dollar General and buy a corded phone so that I could have a link to the outside world. After a few nerve rackingly, frustrating round yelling at the automated voice on the other end, I finally was able to speak to a live person. I was so heated.

#1-I am an automated billing, but yet again, for some reason, its not getting processed

#2-It wasn't a huge bill

#3-It was due on May 6th! It's not even 3 weeks overdue!

Really this is how we treat people?!? I am SO over companies.
Did I mention that I bought a bag of Cheeto puffs when I bought my corded phone? I didn't? Well I'm telling you now that I did! My electric company made me buy Cheetos and eat a good portion of the bag. Total zombie cow day. I even grazed on the good stuff (chicken breast with veggeis) all day long too. UUGGGHGGHGHGG!

I'm so over EVERYTHING that stresses me. Yours truly is officially going to retire and live the life of a lady of leisure-fainting spells, Pirin tablets and all. In addition to my personal assistant and my nanny,
I'm going to buy me a harem of Ethiopian women who can cook for me and a bevy of Kenyans who can run on treadmills in the guest room so they can make me electricity. You know Kenyans got the cardio game on LOCK!

Oh yeah, and I think my birth control is making me bat shit crazy. I've not been on hormonal birth control for a gazillion years, but I don't remember feeling like this last time I was on it. Its fucking with my emotions, my body, and my appetite and all in the worst possible way. I don't know what to do. Its been an uphill battle with my eating since I started using hbc about a little more than month ago.

Do I toss my my hormonal birth control and keep doing what we've been doing? It works, but the hbc is FAR more effective.

Do I stay the course and hope it stabilizes?

What if I stay the course and the side effects don't ever go away. That's better than taking the pregnancy risk. Right?

 I don't know.  All I do know is that I'm going to try to stay in control of the things I can control. I said try. Pass me a wet wipe. My fingers are orange.

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  1. Vasectomy???? Worked for us so far, 11 yrs and counting, unless you are wanting to have another kid in the future. Richelle

  2. I'm have the copper IUD which I love. I got the copper one so that I didn't get the horomone part. I forget it's there and I LOVE it! Had mine for over 3 years now :)


  3. I have the Mirena IUD and I love it !!!! It felt a little strange for a couple of days but I forgot I had it after that. Unless you are looking to have another child in the near future, I would look into it. It lasts for 5 yrs

  4. progesterone receptor positive tumors in the breast run in my family. My mom, grandmom, and great mom all had breast cancer. My mom is the only one that survived it. So hormones are very scary for me. My mom got pregnant with and IUD and had a miscarriage. I had a baby stillborn, so I'm really afraid of that, too. I had a football-sized tumor, as well as the ovary and fallopian tube it was attached to, removed in 2007 (eek!! - Debbie Downer, huh?). I said all of that depressing stuff to say that I need to find an option for BC, too. I'm in a major quandary and I don't want to chance getting pregnant. There's always the snip-snip for Ken...but he just aint the snip-snip kinda dude. Let me know what you come up with!

    As far as being hormonal...if you're like that and you're on the pill, what's my excuse every month...I look like this>>>>

  5. I love my Mirena IUD as well. It took me over a week to get used to it (never had any kiddos... so it was a challenge to get it in the right spot.) But now - I don't have to worry about anything :)

  6. Sign your honey up for a vasectomy and say goodbye to those horrible birth control pills!

  7. I hope the electric company fixed their mistake real quick and that you have power back! man everyone on my blogroll is having a difficult week it seems. I have the mirena IUD and I am not sure how I feel about it. Hormonally I think it effects me more than I thought. I'd love to switch to the copper one one of these days

  8. @Richelle I wish that there was a male birth control pill

    @Angel I know all too well what you're talking about. Its really hard being stuck.

    @Danielle I'm going to have to do a lot of research.

    @MM I keep telling him that its a FAR less invasive procedure than a tubal ligation.

    @Jenn Today is way better than yesterday. No chips in sight! I'll look into the copper iud, too.

  9. Vasectomy is an office procedure, snip snip, they're done. I made mine do it. It was that or no more nooky.

  10. Can I have one?

    Never mind...I got my own bag...I adore you. You have time to answer your questions, you wont gain every ounce of weight back before you decide and you wont severe a head in the meantime even if it crosses your mind once or seven times. >:D< HUGS


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