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Sunday, May 15, 2011

VSG surgery Mama Bear and Baby Bear

??1.0 lowest weight to date

Too busy to do a Sans Script Saturday post yesterday so here it is today.


my baby
my baby and his favorite toys


  1. Love the train table! My son had one that looked just like that :) I can still remember all of the trains & accessories names from Thomas the Tank Engine. My baby is 12 now so the trains have been put away for his kids.

  2. @Lisa, putting them away is a good move! We've got soooo many trains. I don't think there is one that he doesn't have.

    @Teri Thank you so very much.

    @anoymous I assume you're talking about The Kid :) Thank you too

  3. Shoo'...can I come play with the toys? I might have a better time than him!

  4. @Angel that train table is loads of fun!

  5. whoa! That is one wicked train table. i can get damian occupied with that for hours and get work done. hmmm, business investment.

    great pics! your little man is gorgeous

  6. @ty Vanita. The train table is a bit expensive, but when I say he's played with it every single day since he got it Christmas 09, I mean it. He loves that thing

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