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Friday, May 6, 2011

VSG surgery Overeating and Sick


First of all, I don't want to pen another blog post without thanking my new followers for being here. I get so excited every single time I get a new follower, so just know that you've made my week!

For the most part, I'm pretty good about the 30 minute before 30 minute after rule with eating. Sometimes, I don't wait 30 minutes after drinking to eat and most of the time I have no problem. I stick to the rules more often than not.
My cousins called me up yesterday and had free passes to a spot that had a free buffet so once I heard "free" and "buffet" you know my hungry ass was game. I'd been slacking on my protein and my water and since I had about a 30 minute drive to my dinner destination, I picked up a Muscle Milk and had it on the way. I drank it a little faster than usual and had a few productive burps on the way over there, but nothing to really alarm myself. I finished my Muscle Milk well before I arrived at my destination wiped off my milk mustache and kept on driving.

The buffet!!! Sho is purdy aint it?
Because the venue is normally a night a club, I was expecting the buffet to consist of a few limp fries, a few greasy, cold cheesesticks, you know nothing really appetizing. No sir! I was greeted by a buffet of pure epicness! Being the model wls person that I am (HA!), I picked out a couple of pieces of steak, a small portion of beef fajita meat with onions and peppers, few chicken wings and nothing else. I wolfed down two nugget sized peices of the steak and about 4 strips of the fajita meat like a feral wolf. I got full surprisingly fast off of just the meat, but I was like eh what the hell and had one of the wings.
Sleevie put his foot down and reminded me that I did in fact have anatomy altering surgery and while I can get away with not following the rules sometimes, he's still the the HBIC.
It felt like my food was multiplying in my stomach, some sort of freaky food mitosis gone horribly wrong. The meat was crawling up my esophagus trying to escape, but I kept swallowing it back down hoping that it would just get the idea and stay put. But the more I swallowed, the more the food rebelled. I swear it called in reinforcements cause there was even more pressure than before. It was a stretchy, acidy, pressure, a weird type of fullness that I'd never experienced. There was no way in HAYL I was gonna sit there feeling like that so I strutted my way to the bathroom (my shoes were fiyah) and made my way to the stall.
All I had to do was simply lean over the toilet and like a switch, it opened the floodgates. Sleevie enacted his eviction rights like that meat was 6 months late on rent and he was not playing around. It wasn't vomiting because there was none of the heaving, but it was still mighty unpleasant. Barely masticated meat with little liquid to lubricate it is a little rough on the food tube......don't go there.
Luckily, activating the pressure relief valve seemed to do the trick and within 20 minutes I was almost as good as new. Today I feel a little pressure and fullness (I've barely eaten a-ny-thing) but if that's what I owe for acting like an ass yesterday, that's just what it is. Sleevie's been letting me slide for a while.

What's the take home message kids? Nothing happens until it does.



  1. oh, how I've wished I could throw up when I overeat! 9.5 mos post op and I've never thrown up. I've really, really needed to, wanted to, and tried to many, many times. But nothing.

  2. @Sherrybaby I didn't even try, that's the crazy part/ If it wouldn't have come up, I would have been miserable ALL night.

  3. rough stuff!! Bet it didn't taste nearly as amazing going down as it did coming up!! Don't sweat it, it's over and done with just keep on trucking

  4. I've got the CRAP-BAND so the throwing up thing is not necessarily related to overeating. Anything can get stuck at any time for no apparent reason. :-( Sometimes there's the throw up, sometimes............just the stuck for hours thing.

  5. @eschelle nothing tastes as good coming up as it does going down. Chocolate is the WORST

    @Maria I'd be a basketcase if I had the lapband. I probably wouldn't eat anything for fear of having a stuck episode. Premier would put me on the payroll.

  6. Sounds awful! I haven't puked yet - but I have had those nasty foamies and gotten pretty darn sick. Lesson learned, I guess!

    I am not good at the 30/30 rule. My surgeon told me I don't have to wait before eating, but must wait 30 min afterward. My problem is that I get so thirsty when I eat! I'm able to stick to the 30 minutes after, but it is a challenge sometimes.

  7. dude...I gotta say I feel you. I've not vomited a lot since my surgery. I've not battled with nausea too much, no even acid reflux. but oowee...when my eyes are bigger than my stomach, it makes me want to fight and panic and run somewhere. i try not to get there, but it seems unavoidable at times (yeah, right). i'm scared of buffets. i don't think i have the self control. i'll have people there for hours making them wait for my food to digest...LOL!

  8. Thanks for the description because while I know I'm only 6 months out...that has NEVER happened to me. (I actually fear it happening so I do my best to never overfill my sleeve!) But dang a buffet and a good one too...that is where the eyes just take over isn't it? Glad you learned your lesson, and one more reason we know that we NEED a tool to maintain control. Hope Sleevie is happier today.

  9. man, i would be so screwed if i had the guts to take the surgery. there's no way i can behave for long. i'm always falling off the damn wagon (i think laura wilder's pushed me off a couple of times)

  10. @freejulie that's why I'm always short on water. I'll be at minute 28, eat a cheese stick, and the clock will start all over

    @angel we can go to a buffet, got to sleep at the table, and wake up and start eating again.

    @Sheila idk what the hell was wrong with Sleevie. The amount of food wasn't more than I usually eat, but it was too much at that day and at that time.

    @Vanita *wiping the wheel marks lovingly off of your face* I thought all she did was write books. I had no idea that she was a thug.

  11. Oh my goodness!LOL I will definitely take note ! Surgery in a couple more days! I always love how your write your blogs. They have great information but I am always left laughing my butt off hehe.

  12. Very interesting, unique post here! Don't let it get you down, stay the "course." :-)

    Thanks for sharing and reminding us: all things in moderation.

    Jennifer @ Pen and Prosper Blog

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  14. This happened to me the other night at a restaurant, and again tonight. I didn't throw up, but surely was sick, in pain, and thought I was dying. At 13 months out, I've been rocking this sleeve thing. Didn't expect this to happen, but glad to hear I'm not alone. Thanks for this post.


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