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Thursday, June 2, 2011

VSG surgery Curves Review


My gym membership has expired and I've tried doing some stuff around the house but I don't get the burn that I need. I don't want to renew it until PT is ready to start going because it works out to be a lot cheaper to get the family plan. So what is a girl of limited means to do?  
I am going to exhaust every free trial of every single gym in a twenty mile radius. My first stop was Curves.

I went in there yesterday and the girl at the desk was nice enough. A little frumpy looking and definitely in need of a better bra, but nice enough. She sat me down, asked me a number of questions-Why didn't I want to go back to my old gym? Did my doctor know I was exercising? Had I ever had a weight problem? Do you have a support system? Is someone making you work out? I obligingly answered them, even though I thought a few of them were just a bit nosy. After our 5 minute Q and A, she immediately got out her paper and pen and started scribbling out the price structures on their 2 memberships plans. A year paid up in advance was 400 something and the month to month was 49.00 down and around 34 bucks a month. Whoa, whoa, whoa Nelly!

ww-"I'd like to get my free one week trial if that's ok. I don't want to commit to anything just yet."
her-"Mmmm, well. Ok. I can only offer you the discounted enrollment of 49 dollars on your very first visit here. If you chose to join up after this, it will be the regular rate of 99 dollars."
her-"Well, here is some more paperwork to fill out."
...2 minutes later...
her-"Well would you like to schedule a time to come back so I can show you how to work the circuit?"
me, CLEARLY dressed in my workout clothes and ready to go-"Why not now?"

Sooo we went around the circuit. She did a good job explaining the machines, so if somebody came in and had no idea what to do, they wouldn't be intimidated. I give her an A for that. As we went around the circuit though, she said a few things that made my bullshit meter go off though. For one she said that I the machines would scale up to my fitness level and as I progresses I would never have to worry about outdoing the machine. Really? Cause I just almost broke your shoulder press machine back there. There is an upper limit to the amount of resistance that they can provide.
After we went around the circuit together, I went around once on my own. I overheard the girl talking and she said that she could wear a Mavericks shirt to school and that the prinical would be ok with it. I then asked her what school she worked at. "Oh no," she replied. "I'm in high school. I graduate this year." Things that make you go hmmm.
Once I was done with that I went to the stretching area.
They have this giant steel structure that looks like it belongs in a swinger's club. It is the absolute best part of Curves! Once I was done with that, I felt super limber and relaxed and ready to go. I said my goodbyes and told them I'd see them tomorrow.

Here are the pros:
If you're pressed for time, you get right in and get right out. 30 minutes isn't too long.
Its all women, so you don't have to worry about creepy guys.
If you're just starting out exercising, the level will be enough to work you out without scaring you off.
That stretching station is THE TRUTH!

Here are the cons:
They immediately went into the sale without showing me around. Major deduction.
There was a freaking high schooler there running the place.
If you've worked out with weights, the resistance machines WILL NOT be enough. I didn't even break a sweat.
No childcare.
For the monthly rate you could go somewhere that offers more than just a circuit and a few 5lb weights.
Irregular hours of operation. 

Overall, if you are a gym newbie its a good fit, otherwise spend your hard earned money somewhere else.
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  1. Excellent review! Might have to go back just to try the stretching machine. LOL Richelle

  2. girl, I really liked that part. :)

  3. I love my Curves (didn't have to answer nosy ?'s) for the biggest reason alone...because I have done it consistently for over 7 years. Huge accomplishment for me! ~Sheila

  4. Oooh, I can comment if I choose happy belated birthday WW! ~Sheila

  5. Thanks for the review! I have been doing Curves for about 5 weeks now. For me, I have felt myself improve and yet the machines do still provide plenty challenge and it is scaling up with me - however I'm SURE there is a limit as you said! ALso they are all independently run so I am sure the ownership/employess make a difference in the atmosphere.. the one I"m going to is great, I didn't get asked any nosy questions and the scale did not come first.
    Also I joined at the end of April and if you brought in a bag of groceries (which I spend like $10 on) you had no sign up fee, and mine is then $34/month.
    So far I am very happy with it... except we do not have a stretching machine like you are describing! Just a mat and bar in an area to do stretching on your own.

  6. I went to Curves for a hot minute. My heart rate stayed too high, so they were always freaked out and afraid I would have a heart attack. I felt fine, but they said I was anaerobic. When I missed the seat on one of the machines and tumbled to the floor, I think they were just about ready for me to peace I liked it, though.

  7. @Angel Maybe you should try it again. You're the queen of making things happen and you can probably hustle if for free. lol

    @Christie and @Sheila A good workout for anyone is the one that they can stick with. If it works for you guys, then stick to it no matter what anybody has to say about it. :)

  8. I have never been to a Curves but before I joined a gym I was drawn to the less intimidating all female environment. Then I joined a gym with my husband and by having him to learn with and work out with, I wasn't so embarrassed to use weights in front of muscle guys. I just use the small gym in my office complex now, but I appreciate the challenge and am not afraid to work out in front of others. In fact, I quite like having some male eye candy to watch while I pretend to tie my sneaker ;0)

  9. @thebumbles Exactly! I can see how curves would be a great fit if you are just starting out. I know that when I was big, I didn't like going to the gym bc I felt like people were scrutinizing me. It was very uncomfortable. Now that I've lost weight I'm comfortable working out in front of others. Eye candy IS a bonus

  10. Your review of Curves is really quite accurate, you do everyone a good service! As a certified trainer myself, I would recommend Curves to someone ONLY for the reasons you have---particularly if you're just starting out and you need to build an exercise habit. But YES it is true that hydraulic machines have their limitations! Any who went to Curves and worked really hard would outgrow the place.

    My biggest complaint about it however is a feature they added that purports to calculate your calorie burn. In their ads, they like to say you can burn "up to 500 calories in a 30 minute session." WHAT A SCAM!!! In their own research documentation, they admit that the people who reached that 500 cal burn level were extremely fit young men. It's not something that's going to be possible for practically anyone who would choose to go to Curves.

    1. Thanks for coming to this post and commenting. I'm glad that someone with some actual credentials behind their name agrees with this layman's assessment.


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