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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

VSG surgery French fries and Onion rings

?? No weight. I think I'm gonna try not weighing and see how that works for me.

I've been away for a while taking care of family stuff and over the weekend I had to make a round trip to my hometown and I've been nonstop since. In just a few more days I will be making another round trip so the  scarcity of posts isn't because I don't love you guys.
I was  actually gonna show you my whole face today, but Sleevie blacked my eye

Traveling is a sure fire way to mess up your way of eating, especially if you're lazy and inefficient. Having stressors is a sure fire way to mess up your way of eating, especially if you're lazy and inefficient. I can't shake the case of the layzeez and inefficiementness that I have! Being the model wls patient* that I am I know that I should prepare, pack, and be proactive. Instead what did my ass do? Yours truly packed her sexy shoes but not her ppi or healthy snacks, prepared not a damn thing, and instead of being proactive was reactive. As a result, Sleevie and I had a knock down, drag out cause he accused me of being selfish and superficial AND I have the bruises to prove it. I was thisclose to filing charges, but then I realized that they couldn't haul him to jail without taking my ass with him. Calling the police on your organs is just plain dumb.

My eating has been all over the place. Its not been all bad, but I've been eating a more craptacular foodstuff than I'd like to admit. Too many starchy, sugary, non-delicious foods. Non-delicious being the operative word.
Cheap ass, off brand sugar cookies...grossness
Sorta soggy, lukewarm french fries...  blech
Sad, cold onion rings...crap
Too much mindless bueno
 I've said before, I'm not opposed to eating carby treats in moderation, but these aren't treats. In fact, I didn't even enjoy them. I was just eating them. If I'm going to eat something I need to be accountable and in the moment. I knew FULL WELL what I was doing when I ate that pancakes and bacon cupcake the other day, and it was exponential bliss! It was like a little tiny angel crawled right up in my mouth and french kissed each and every one of by taste buds. Not one iota of guilt did I have after I polished that off. The stuff that I've eaten over the past few days, I regret. Well maybe regret is too strong of a word, but you get the idea. All I can do is dust myself off, refocus, and recommit.

I'mma get it together like virgin legs, yall! I'm starting off tomorrow with a healthy breakfast and a P-L-A-N.

*disclaimer-I am a model** and a weight loss surgery patient, not a model weight loss surgery patient
**disclaimer on disclaimer-Okay, okay, I'm not a model either


  1. LMAO I love the angel statement :) Tomorrow is a new day darlin

  2. I <3 you!!


  3. I decided today that I hate food. But he is a dirty filthy lover who won't leave me alone.

  4. hmm, if you're going to let anything remotely naughty into your mouth, it should be french-kissing angels... xxx

  5. Your honesty is inspiring. Time for me to take inventory. xoxoxo

  6. "Get it together like virgin legs" HA!!! Back to basics lady, you know the drill! ~Sheila

  7. you got my wings stuck in your teeth!! wait...let me put down this pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice yeah. i'm gonna be good tomorrow, too. LOL. Nah, I been eatin' good. My exercise has been booty, though. I'm on it today. My weight is moving again and I have 399 in my view. I'm off the next couple of days. When I'm not at work, on my regular routine, I gain. I need to KILL the exercise while I'm off. I'm on it. You have encouraged me to be a better me, lady. Per U-SU-ALLLL!

  8. Thank you for making me laugh...hauling your organs to jail! ha! don't be too hard on yourself, we all need a break from our diets now and then!

  9. eh we all screw up, me more than most, but ya just gotta get back up and try again. hell you've already done it, look at you with your hottie self!

  10. @Chrissy tomorrow is always a new day no matter how fucked up the day before was :-)

    @Southernsleever I heart you too!

    @canticles Food IS a dirty filthy, man whore

    @fattyblogsticks I just reread what I wrote about the angels and it made me audibly laugh. lol. You are so right.

    @beth take inventory, but no stealing. The night shift manager is coming in to double check your work ;-)

    @sheila Yes ma'am I am on it!

    @Angel if you could use the miniturizing machine for good (shrinking delicious food) the wls community would be forever indebted to you

    @mm Yeah, we do need a break. I think that the diffrence is now, I can see it as its in progress instead of burying my head in the sand and waking up 10 lbs heavier one day

    @vanita thank you, beautiful!

  11. I think one of the beautiful things about the VSG is that it's a little easier to 'get back on track' once you've jumped off the tracks. Eating 'badly' doesn't feel as much like a sign of doom as it used to.

    I keep saying guilt is a useless emotion (unless you have truly committed a heinous crime). We have so many reasons in our lives to feel guilty as it is. Do we really need to beat ourselves up over food? Glad you aren't doing that.

  12. LOVE your "Imma get it together like virgin legs!" That's awesome. I'm blatantly stealing that to use in my day-to-day repertoire. :p

  13. You are so funny and I needed to read your blog today to make me feel better. It's okay to fall off the wagon every once in a while, I do it but you can bet our collective asses I'm back on it the next day! As for the guilt? It all depend on what I ate. Dove bars will do it to me all the time, and my sleeve makes me pay for it! Love your blog! - Nica

  14. @greatgastrectomy You're right. Before surgery a few days off the wagon could turn into weeks and months. Since surgery though, I've been able to get together cause I see it as its happening.

    @Kassie :-) hahaha

    @Nica thanks for the compliment. I really do love what I do and it makes me happy that others appreciate it

  15. OMG! I just told my BF the other day these are the two junk foods that I'm going to have THE MOST friggin trouble with!! hhhhhhaaa!


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