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Monday, June 13, 2011

VSG surgery Friends and Company

??? rushed out of the house, so no weight

On my last post, I said I was gonna try not weighing, but that only lasted for that day. I shoulda known better. Some people weigh, some people don't. I'm in the latter. Daily weighing works for me. I'm crazy if I do, but I'm even crazier of I don't.
"Hello, I am Waning Woman and I am a weigher"
Accepting that I is what I is and moving on. :-)

I'd like to say hello to 3 of  my newest followers followers Lee Ann, Kalisha, and Nancygans. Welcome to the jungle! There are lions, and tigers, and bears, a few cougars, a coupla monkeys and a giraffe or two, but none of them bite unless provoked. Oh wait, I forgot about Michelle, she absolutely DOES bite. I have a series of rabies shots and a weeping wound as proof. Just stay the hell away from her. Kaitlyn, I am happy to add, does not bite at all and is quite docile.

This weekend I went to another BBGC support group meeting and our speaker was Travis Waddell ake Token, an endurance athlete extraordinaire chock full of great information. Seriously, this guy really knows his stuff. Even my anti-running ass (Yall know that the only thing I'm EVER gonna run is my mouth) thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The BBGC support isn't all about bitchy women and cupcakes. *GASP*
There was an early morning walk/run *Bigger GASP*
And actual men *Biggest GASP ever* in attendance
If you're in the DFW area, check out the next meeting for yourself.

After the support group, a bunch of us trekked over to Desta, a superb Ethiopian restaurant, for fanstastic food and fellowship. Between bites of lamb and beef, we chatted about everything from our surgeries to sock titties and everything in between.
For most of the people in attendance, it was their very first time having Ethiopian cuisine, and we had a 99% success rate! I'm pretty sure that just about everybody walked away believing in the epicness that is Ethiopian food. Thank you Shana for pulling this all together.

I don't wanna give away too much but there may or may not have been bench warrants, naked twister, karaoke, marriage proposals, a missing persons report,weird men in plaid shirts, beer pong, trespassing, a homicide, and weeping wounds. Well, I will tell you about the homicide. My phone died a tragic and watery death at the hands of an unknown assailant and is now sexing 40 virgins with Bin Laden. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the other Michelle but I do have a sneaking suspicion about who the culprit was. I don't have any hard evidence, but I'm sure that with my super sleuthing skills, my team of bloodhounds, and my crotch identification software I can figure out who took the last picture on my phone and nab the bad guy.
Aren't these smoking?! Somebody buy them for me in orange

Anyway, I'm finna head off to bed, but before I do I'm gonna pick up my shoes that have been sitting right where I left them for the last 24 hours. Its not my fault that I came in, kicked them off and went right to bed. Blame the BBGC.


  1. I SWEAR it wasn't me... I beleive it was a run by phone killing perpetrated by the dude in plaid shirt AND shorts. Seriously, who dresses like that one you are older than, say, FIVE!!!!

    And i wasn't anywhere near the phone!!!

    Travis is just jealous he didn't think to wear the plaid shirt and shorts

  3. I am getting the orange. For me. Get outta the way.

    Your phone is a horndog!

  4. OMG, you are so funny. May your cell phone rest in peace. I'm sure it lived a good life, especially if you're "one of those girls" who keeps it in her bra (like me).

  5. There must be a serial cell phone killer. My phone was drowned in the kitty fountain this last week. I blame the cat. (He still has all nine lives.)

  6. I wore those shoes, I'd break my fool leg, an ankle (or two) and probably my neck as well.

  7. Wow. I had no idea your cell phone was Muslim. It must have been on the No-Fly list too.

  8. @travis at least Plaid on Plaid could sing. Plaid with Creepy eyes was the worst

    @mel we have to go shopping again really, really soon.

    @canticles My phone IS..well... WAS a huge pervert. It took pictures of me while I was in the bathroom standing in front of the mirror butt naked while making the Fish Face

    @LeeAnn it lived a happy life nestled in my ever decreasing bosom. If was gonna get water damage, boob sweat woulda been the way to go!

    @Anonymous I'd blame the cat, too. They are sneaky creatures.

    @Angel Ha!

    @Kate you need to attend my next online training, Sashaying in riduculously high heels. Its only 399.99. Sign up starts now :-)

    @bbm actually he wasn't on the no fly list cause his mama was Muslim and he took his daddy's last name. HE was a Johnson.


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