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Monday, June 20, 2011

VSG surgery Gotein product review and Giveaway

The peeps over at Gotein sent me out a box of freebies, portable sticks of protein powder that you can stick in your purse or your gym bag and mix with a bottle of water for an instant shake. The portability is a HUGE selling point, but if you're anything like me and you can park a Prius in your purse, this one is kinda lost on you.

I will tell you that the idea of protein shake in a stick sounded about as appetizing as dehydrated turkey comb and rooster foot stew in a pouch. Full of protein? Yes. Full of deliciousness? Not really so sure about that. But Gotein sent them to me, so I was absolutely going to try them.

I wanted to use refrigerated water, so I took bottles of Ozarka that had been sitting in my fridge overnight and made the shakes with them. I poured out a little bit of the water and tried to put all of the Gotein in, but it wouldn't fit. I got a spoon to try to help the process, but I just made a powdery wet mess all over the counter. As far as the shake itself, it took WAY to long to shake up and there were floaters all through it. It was pretty much the same for all three bottles. Then...I ACTUALLY READ THE DAMN DIRECTIONS!!!
Vanilla had a do over!
Oops, sorry. User error y'all. I hadn't actually poured out enough water.

Once I poured out the correct amount, what was watery and uninspired turned into protein shake OMG!THISISREALLYGOOD-ness.

All of the shakes run a little on the less-sweet side of the spectrum. The strawberry has REAL strawberries*, the chocolate kinda tasted like Quick to me, while the vanilla was a little blah to me. However, once I hit the vanilla with a packet of Truvia, that was the catalyst that it needed to take it over the edge. I seriously liked all three of them. even my friend who doesn't drink protein shakes ever had to agree that the vanilla+truvia was the shiznit. I think they've officially made me a fanboy.

Incredible flavor
NO aftertaste
No grit
Did I mention that they taste great?
No really, they're goooood.
Very portable

A teeny bit pricey, but right now they have a 20% off coupon code-MED05 Click the link on the upper right to check them out.
I don't have more of the stuff.
Well, I actually DO have more of the stuff, but is for one of you!

To enter for your chance to win your very own trio of Gotein protein powders that have been sitting on MY very own KITCHEN TABLE!!!!! and very likely sniffed by my pet, here's what you gotta do.

Comment on this post for one entry.
Follow this blog via email subscription or Google friend connect.
Follow me on twitter for another.
Like the Waning Woman fb page
Like Gotein on fb and tell them I sent you!
Spread the contest like buttah and tell your peeps about it on fb, blog, twitter, etc

That's a total of 6 entries! Make sure that in your comment, you tell me how many of the above you've done so you can be properly credited. If you have privacy concerns, just shoot me an email ( my name at gmail) and we can work something out.

Good luck!

*the strawberries were likely sourced from an intergalactic strawberry cloning station cause that shake is OUT OF THIS WORLD.


  1. Can't wait to try the goodness.

    I'm a follower on facebook.

  2. Hello Sunshine,

    I would totally love to test out these Gotein products! So Here is what I did! :)

    Commented on this Post --- Check :)
    I Follow your blog cia Google Friend Connect --- Check :)
    I follow you on Twitter ---- :)
    I follow your FB Page --- :)
    I liked Gotein on FB and told them you sent me
    and I shared your giveaway Even Blogged About it! :)

    Big Hug

  3. I've done two this n fbook.

  4. I Commented on this Post
    I Follow your blog on Google Friend Connect
    I follow you on Twitter
    I follow your FB Page
    I liked Gotein on FB and told them you sent me.
    I shared the contest on Twitter @kareysmith

  5. gfc - check
    twitter - check
    your fb - check
    comment - check
    gb fb - check
    twitter @ @kareysmith - check
    am i a good girl or what?

  6. Me, me, pick me! I done did all those things, I did!

  7. I ordered it one day and got it the next. I got strawberry, chocolate, vanilla. Good, ready to try the other 3. Its best when the water is very cold. I took it with me in a cooler. Easy and filling.

  8. Great review. I plan to "like" the gotein page. I follow your blog, I "like" your waning woman fb page. Richelle

  9. Laughing as I write this, I love your writing style & humor...

    Let's see,

    1. I commented.
    2. I follow you on Twitter
    3. I like your FB page
    4. I like the Gotein page
    5. I am subscribed to your blog
    6. I will mention your contest in my new blog post as soon as I get it written today & I have your BUTTON on my BLOG!!!


  10. @laronda check

    @myswitchedscoop gotcha

    @denette check

    @mssmith check

    @vanita You are ineligible because your name is Vanita. Better luck next time and read the small print before you put in all of that work next time

    @greatgastrectomy good luck!

    @kavash woohoo!

    @ingeyandell thanks

    @Richelle may the force be with you

    @beth check!

  11. I've liked you and Gotein on FB and a follower on Twitter.
    I'm only a month away from my VSG surgery and soaking up all the info and preparedness I can so I was glad to stumble on your blog. Thanks for that! Been trying out a lot of shakes for my pre and post-surgery weeks, plus just a good way to get a meal on the go I find (helps keep me out of the drive-thru).

  12. Ola, Waning Woman - You are a hoot!

    * I subscribed to yer blog
    * I followed you on Twitter
    * I "liked" yer page on fb
    * I "liked" the Gotein page on fb
    * I commented here
    * I shared your genius with others on fb

    Let the winning commence.


  13. I WANT to try these. Don't use twitter or facebook...just commenting here to be entered. is my email address.


  14. I am so glad I found your blog! I'm 59 days pre-op (who's counting?? ha) and I'm finding your posts to be hilarious! Youre not the only one who can park a prius in your purse :)

    Count me in for both twitter and a comment on the blog!

  15. Ooooh, here is YOUR review. LOL @the powdered mess and OMG, I really had to choke the strawberry down...go figure, right?


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