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Sunday, July 31, 2011

If this works...

....that means that I've found a temporary workaround to the problem that I've been having with Blogger all week. I cannot preview or publish posts! Ugh this has been beyond frustrating. Being unable to blog for an entire week is just not something I'm ok with. I wasn't locked up for grand theft cake or indecent exposure, I wasn't hospitalized for Ethiopian food overdose so not blogging for a week in un accepti-FUCKING-ble. That words doesn't exactly roll off of the tongue does it? Anyway, I'm gonna be tired of this workaround solution PDQ, so if blogger can't do something to fix this HUGE FUCKING PROBLEM, I'm gonna hafta bite the bullet and take my work somewhere else. Its all I can do. This week has been one huge, fubar, clusterfuck with a case of crabs on the side...bloggingwise anyway.Lifewise? I've had some really big things happen and I want to share them with you guys, but Blogger won't let me be great.

Why is that Blogger?

Anyway, I'm gonna keep investigating ways to fix this shit.


  1. ugh sucks that your having issues i'm sure they'll end up making their way around my way too soon lol!! especially now that I have jinx'd myself

  2. @eschelle I had to post from email. I hope that none of these problems come your way


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