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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Money Woes and Lawyers

Seeking Rich Person:. Age unimportant, sex unimportant, mobility unimportant. Looks? Definitely unimportant.

You could look like a bearded, 3 toed, crested, moosegoatsalamander who's just ending their day shift at the Freaks and Oddities side show.
You could look like a Puerto Rican chupacabra a few days off of a goat blood bender.
You could even look like THIS!
I just need for you to send me money! In exchange I will keep penning faboosh blog posts for your enjoyment and I will send you an autographed picture of my other eye. Now that I don't think about it, you don't even have to be rich. Just send me 85 percent of your take home pay.
Thanks, BBGCdancingQueen1511DFW

I'm not sure if that will fly on, but I figure its worth a try. What do you think?

For those of you that haven't been around here very long, I was in two car accidents in a very short period of time. Neither was my fault as I actually had a green light both times. Well, I've been waiting on the first settlement, patiently I might add, and waiting...and waiting...and waiting. Exhausted with not hearing anything, I finally called this morning. To make a long story short the amount of money that Allstate is offering isn't going to leave me much of anything.About the only way I can come out of this with something is to leave some bills unpaid. Sigh. Between the overbilling, Allstate's spectacularly shiteous offer, and the lawyers fees there isn't much left for me. Fortunately, the firm WILL NOT take home more than I will, so that's a huge plus. I was counting on that money to get some important things that I've been putting off for while- eye exam, new glasses, probation fees from that Duff Goldman stalking case. On top of that, I was planning on going to NYC with a chunk of it. Ugh.
Well, sitting here blogging about is making me feel a little bit better. The desire to murdalize people is waning (plural cause Wells Fargo pissed me off, too) so I'm gonna channel this energy and use it for good. Off to procure some vittles for dinner.

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  1. Most insurance companies suck. I'm sorry.

  2. I HATE insurance companies. When that lady hit my motorcycle she only had state minimum insurance so we had to go after my insurance for underinsured motorist. We ended up having to SUE my insurance company to get them to pay! I'm sorry you're going through all that. It really sucks.

  3. You know what sucks? You not being able to come to NYC! I know it's tight..but we have GOT to find a way!

  4. this totally sucks Waning, I'm so sorry.

  5. Praying things get better for you...for real. Hold on. Ok I just did. I love you, girl. All you need will come to you.

  6. I'm a new reader, but I have to say that you've got me hooked, lol!! Eh-hem, back to subject. When I was pregnant with my twins in 2006, my car was side swiped when I was trying to get off the freeway during Austin, TX rush hour (to be clear, late afternoon...every hour is rush hour on I-35...again, I digress). I did what I have always done...looked clear over my left shoulder, rear-view mirror and my side-view mirrors...nuttin', but the parking lot that I-35 usually is, so with the turn signal on, I start to maneuver my mom-mobile into the exit lane and within SECONDS, a red two door smashes into my passenger side, right over the front tire. Fuck. I pull off the freeway and into a credit union parking lot, shaking badly. This bung-hole pulls up next to me and starts shouting at me in Spanish (he didn't speak English and my Spanish leaves much to be desired..). My partner had been a few cars back on the freeway and saw the whole thing happen and pulled in a few minutes after I did. She tells me that he is demanding that I pay him $5000 on the spot, so I call the police. By this time, I'm starting to have contractions (not a good thing when you're only 5 months along with two..), but the ossifers show up within minutes. My partner tells them what the douchebag tried to get me to do. This guy had no damage done to his car, I *still* have a big ol' dent. I had full coverage, this guy didn't even have an American driver's license OR insurance. APD gave me his name, phone number and address. I had taken pictures and got witness statements from my partner and two other people that pulled off the freeway and followed us to the parking lot. I filed with my insurer (Titan Auto...don't do it!!) and a few weeks later, I got a letter telling me that they PAID the bastard $4500 b/c he lawyered up and claimed bodily injury (never mind that yours truly wound up in L&D overnight with a bruised uterus...babies were fine). They wouldn't even LOOK at my camera phone pictures or witness statements. Insurance companies SUCK all the way around. I dropped them after that. I hope you get your settlement and they quit dickin' you around!!

  7. @leza Oh wow! I hate stories like this. I'm still confused as to why the insurance company wouldn't want to look at your footage. After all, you're saving them money by proving that the other driver is a fraudulent asshole. Ugh.


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