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Friday, July 15, 2011

Random thoughts and Stilettos

Hello ladies and gents. I'm sitting here at my computer desk trying to figure out where this blog entry is going to take me today. I've got a lot on my mind, but I'm still not over the The Mysterious Case of Nojo. Nojo makes it kinda hard to formulate my thoughts and because you probably already look at your computer screen and scratch your head when reading my stuff, I don't want to confound you an further than need be. Confusteration doesn't inspire confidence...whatever THAT means. I just like the way it sounds.

I managed to peel myself out of bed and go to the gym today. Normally, I hit up this hybrid stair stepper/elliptical, but my legs are still reeling from the squats I did the other day and I knew that would have been just a wee bit too much. I hit the track instead, and as I was walking I got to thinking about the Walk From Obesity in which I will be participating (AND I NEED MORE DONATIONS since you asked and all!!!)
Do I need to train for a 3 mile walk? I don't think its too far to walk, but I don't know. I'm fairly sure that I could walk three miles, but I hope the people I'm walking with don't be going all fast and stuff. lol. I'm serious. Unless there is a 3 tiered cake for the winner, I am taking my sweet time..... Now I'm thinking about CAAAKE! I would elbow children and senior citizens with no shame if the first prize was a cake. Knock em down like bowling pins and keep it moving!! I would tell y'all about the time that the thing happened to that one kid who ate my cake, but I'm pleading the 5th. You will not see my headless mugshot on Nancy Grace. No siree! But with this being the Walk FROM Obesity and not "towards", there ain't gonna be no cake.And if they do have a cake, the cake will be lie. Anyway, I think that it will be safe for all chirruns and old folks to come out that day.

These shoes are fiyah!
Now that I'm 83.699% sure that I can walk 3 miles. I need to know if I can walk 3 miles in heels. Now I can do all kinds of things in heels. I'm a triple OG on the stiletto, so bad I can skate on heels! What you know about that? I can do 50+ things in my heels and I have at least 6 people who can vouch for me. There are several drunks, a few bartenders, a guy in a plaid shirt, and one woman of ill repute( I think she was a woman. She was rather hirsute) who can also testify to my skillz with tha heelz, but these aforementioned 6 are morally upright citizens (HA!), so their words carry a little weight. Anyway, here's a picture of my rocking some heels that I WON'T be walking three miles in. They're cute, but that's about all they are.
My parents will be here soon, so I gotta get up off of my bum and be the productive wife and citizen that they are so proud of.


  1. WOW you look lovely and just gorgeous! Those shoes are divine!

  2. Hey there!

    Love the new look of the Blog. Enjoyed the post. Shoes fierce! More followers? You go girl!

  3. WOW! You look fantastic!! I'd kill myself in those shoes.. LOL

  4. A hairly man lady saw you dance in 6 inch stilletos...why doesn't that suprise look so nice, honey. very, very SEXY...sizzlin!

  5. goodness gracious woman you got some beautiful curves! I am still too chicken to try on heels again... soon though...soon!

  6. I'm just stoppin' by to say hey and that you are lookin' good mama, especially in those heels! Be proud of those curves girl! I looked at myself in a full length mirror today and noticed that some of me was missing!!! Loving it!

  7. @eschelle thank you

    @jennifer brown banks Thanks. I'm trying to get it together so I can really make something of this thing

    @sipsandsteps Practice makes perfect! I can dane in mine

    @Angel lets both get some heels so that we can wobble in 'em :-)

    @jenn and nica thank you. its taken me a while to embrace my body.

  8. Late to the party, but you really do look great! Keep it up, both for you and as inspiration for me...

    BTW, much respect for the Portal reference.

  9. I didnt even read.
    I just looked!
    My the blog has changed!!!


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