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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

VSG surgery: Dallas Walk from Obesity

I'm doing it. I'm really doing it.
My ass, as lazy and inefficient and I may be has signed up for the Dallas Walk from Obesity, an event designed to raise money and bring awareness of obesity. This isn't me, I don't sign up for anything or pay money in advance. I certainly don't walk ESPECIALLY for causes. That "growing up" I was talking about a few posts ago might be more real than I first thought.

If you're a a twitter user, you might know that one of the recent trending topics was #fatpeoplenightmares. There was a lot of hate lobbed around and one of my good friends was called a bitch, a DUMB one at that. It was absolutely insane. The hate is just heartbreaking.
There is no compassion for the obese. They are fat and lazy and worthless and ugly and smelly and disgusting and......and all they have to do is just get up off of the couch, put down the remote, stop filling their fat mouths'. That's ALL they have to do.
Really? If it were that easy, do you really think that there would be as many obese people as there are?

On of the reasons for obesity is that we are hard wired to eat. Why does a fat person eat? They don't really have to cause they have plenty of calories stored up in their fat. They eat because its a biological imperative. Our DNA tells us to store food for times of famine, but now there is NO famine. There is a burger joint on one corner, a bakery up the street, a fried chicken shack around the way, pizza that will be on your doorstep in LESS THAN 30 MINS!! None of these require you to expend any energy at all to acquire them. Our DNA let us survive the long, bleak, barren seasons-the fat people of today were the survivors and thrivers of a time not long past. But environmental change has far outpaced the change in our DNA.

I'm not really an activist, but maybe something is changing. My weight loss surgery journey started as one thing and now its morphing into another. While I haven't been able to quantify it, it is real. The 7-10 lbs that I want to lose aren't for any reason other than I want to see a particular number on the scale; they won't make a difference in the quality of my life. This 3 mile walk, this sojourn of solidarity and support and sisterhood just might make a difference is somebody's.
Please support me and help me reach my fundraising goals.


  1. Listen here,

    When I saw that tag on Twitter, my first thought was to take it back. Sort of how some feminists claim the word, "Bitch" is now a term of power, not disrespect.

    Seriously, without seeing statistics, overweight and obese people are apart of this country's majority.

    Today at work, where I work very closely with WIC participants and nutritionists, I decided to look over some of the handouts we give to clients. For good sources of calcium, mothers are being told, in beautiful and bold colors, to get their healthy calcium from cheese, yogurt, milk, flour, yes, WHITE flour.

    I brought it up with a nutritionist. I know what's what's happening. People are going home from WIC, they buy the things on that list, no clue as to WHAT TYPE of yogurt is better for them, WHICH milk to drink, WHY they shouldn't eat too much white flour. Then as their weight increases at every visit, they are crushed, because they did everything right. Everything "we" told them to do.

    OBESITY IS EVERYONE'S PROBLEM. Not just mine and not just yours.

  2. Moving the focus from yourself to help someone else is not only mature, it's admirable. I know you'll do will, and, as soon as I'm able, I'll send you a contribution.


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